lives of saints


(AB) THE AGE OF BEDE (formerly THE LIVES OF THE SAINTS): The lives of St. Cuthbert, St. Wilfrid, the Abbots of Wearmouth and Jarrow, and the Voyage of St. Brendan. All saints of the 6th and 7th centuries, and all pioneers in monasticism, these lives present an important source of early history of the Church in Ireland and England. A companion volume to Bede's HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH CHURCH AND PEOPLE. Contains maps and index. VIK 255 pp. Paper d$7.00

(CA1) CONTEMPORARY ASCETICS OF MOUNT ATHOS, by Archimandrite Cherubim. Each volume contains the lives and struggles of five ascetics of the Holy Mountain Athos from this century, written by their co-struggler, Fr. Cherubim, who became a monk in 1938 at the age of 18. This is a priceless treasure in English of the vitality and ardor of Orthodox monasticism. HER Paper Vol. 1, 363pp.; Vol. 2, 721pp. d$15.00 each.

(GF) GOD'S FOOLS: The Lives of the Holy "Fools for Christ's Sake." Once again available, this volume contains the lives of 28 Fools for Christ's Sake from the 4th through 19th centuries, plus notes on two contemporary biographies, collected in one volume. Contains line drawings of many of the saints. SYN 91pp. Paper d$6.50

(GCL1) THE GREAT COLLECTION OF THE LIVES OF SAINTS COMPILED BY ST. DIMITRY OF ROSTOV, Volume 1: September. Translated in its entirety for the first time into English, this is the first volume of the classic Russian collection of lives of saints up to the 17th century. Arranged by day, it is a must for any Orthodox library. CP 500pp. Paper d$25.00; cloth d$30.00

ST. GREGORY OF TOURS, the great bishop of the Gallic church of the 6th century recorded many miracles and narratives of early saints in 7 volumes, 3 of which are now available in English. These short accounts provide a valuable picture of the early Church. LUP Paper

(GLC) GLORY OF THE CONFESSORS translated by Raymond Van Dam. Narratives about confessors and the miracles they or their relics performed. 136pp. e$15.00

(GLM) GLORY OF THE MARTYRS translated by Raymond Van Dam. Narratives about martyrs and the miracles associated with them. 160pp. e$16.00

(LF) LIFE OF THE FATHERS translated by Edward James. The VITA PATRUM, a collection of 20 lives of saints of the church of Cleremont and Gaul 164pp. e$16.00

(HAR) HARLOTS OF THE DESERT, A Study in Repentance in Early Monastic Sources by Benedicta Ward. Translations of the lives of St. Mary of Egypt, St. Pelagia, St. Thais, and St. Maria, niece of Abraham -- great saints whose lives were transformed from depravity to sanctity -- with introductions and notes. Also contains a chapter about St. Mary Magdalene and one on the theme of repentance. CIS 113pp. Paper d$13.00

(SYR) HISTORY OF THE MONKS OF SYRIA by Theodoret of Cyrrhus, translated by R. M. Price. This collection of over 30 lives of monastics of northern Syria in the fourth and fifth centuries is an often referenced source work (translated for the first time into English) for information on monasticism and lives of the famous ascetics of the period and locality. Contains the lives of such popular saints as Symeon the Stylite, Palladius, Domnina, and James of Nisibis. CIS 223pp. Paper d$14.00

(EGY) HISTORIES OF THE MONKS OF UPPER EGYPT & THE LIFE OF ONNOPHRIUS by Paphnutius, translated by Tim Vivian. Lives of the monastics of the fourth century Egyptian desert (Thebaid), with the complete life of St. Onuphrius, in modern translation. Contains extensive historical notes and a scriptural index and bibliography. CIS 175pp. Paper d$17.00

(HW) HOLY WOMEN OF THE SYRIAN ORIENT translated from the Syriac by Sebastian Brock and Susan Harvey. A collection of 15 lives of holy women from the 4th to 7th century including Sts. Pelagia of Antioch, Thekla, Anastasia of Egypt and Febronia. UCP 210pp. Cloth f$40.00

(KCP) KIEV CAVES PATERIKON Translation from the Russian of the Chronicle of the Kiev Caves Monastery containing almost 40 lives of the saints of the monastery. SYN 68pp. Paper d$5.00

(GS) LIVES AND LEGENDS OF THE GEORGIAN SAINTS by David Lang. An outstanding translation from the Georgian of the lives of St. Nina and several other early saints. SVS 180pp. Paper d$9.00

(DF) THE LIVES OF THE DESERT FATHERS translated by Norman Russell. The lives of 26 fathers of the Egyptian Desert of the fourth century. A very popular volume. CIS 181pp. Paper d$11.00

(LHA) LIVES OF THE HOLY APOSTLES Contains the lives of Saints Peter, Paul, Andrew the First-called, James the son of Zebedee, John the Theologian, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew the Evangelist, James the son of Alphaeus, Jude the brother of the Lord, Simon the Zealot, Matthias, Mark the Evangelist, Luke the Evangelist, and James the brother of the Lord. Translated from the Greek and Russian. APOS 288pp. Illus. Cloth e$18.00

(HWM) THE LIVES OF THE HOLY WOMEN MARTYRS: An Orthodox Martyrologion of Spiritual Heroines Translated from the Greek, this volume contains the lives of 180 women martyrs arranged by date of celebration. Contains over 100 icons and illustrations, including maps. HA 592pp. Cloth e$26.00

THE LIVES OF THE MONASTERY BUILDERS Translated from the Greek, this is a series of lives of monastic saints of Greece and Asia Minor who led inspiring lives of prayer, vigil and fasting. APOS Illus. Paper.

(MB1) BOOK 1, The lives of St. Dionysius of Mt. Olympus, St. Nicanor the Wonderworker of Mt. Callistratus and St. Paul the New of Mt. Latros. 72pp. e$6.00

(MB2) BOOK 2: THE MONASTERY BUILDERS OF SOUMELA The lives of Sts. Barnabas and Sophronios of Athens and St. Christopher of Trebizond, builders of the Mt. Mela Monastery in Pontos. Contains many illustrations and icons from the original monastery and the relocated monastery in Macedonia. 96pp. e$7.00

(MB3) BOOK 3: THE MONASTERY BUILDERS OF METEORA The lives of St. Athanasios of New Patras and St. Ioasaph, builders of the Great Meteoron Monastery, and Sts Nectarios and Theophanes of Ioannina, builders of the Varlaam Monastery at Meteora. 88pp. e$7.00

(MB4) BOOK 4: The Monastery Builders of The Great Cave (Mega Spelaion) Contains Sts. Symeon and Theodore of Thessalonica and St. Efrosyne of Peloponnesos. Illus. HA 100pp. Paper e$7.00

(MB5) BOOK 5: The Monastery Builders of The Holy Mountain Athos Contains the lives of nine saints who built monasteries on Mt. Athos. Many maps and illustrations. HA 271pp. e$15.00

(LMP) THE LIVES OF THE MONKS OF PALESTINE by Cyril of Scythopolis. The best source of information on monastic life in Palestine in the early centuries comes from the priest-monk Cyril who lived in the sixth century in two of the monasteries there. The six lives he wrote, the most important being those of St. Euthymius the Great and St. Sabas the Sanctified, are the most complete in English, and provide not only the history of the holy monks, but also a vivid picture of the Church of Palestine at the height of its glory. A wonderfully readable translation. CIS 306pp. Paper d$18.00

(LPO) THE LIVES OF THE PILLARS OF ORTHODOXY Translated from the Greek, this book contains the lives, struggles, works and miracles of these three great Orthodox hierarchs and defenders of the Faith: St. Photios the Great, Patriarch of Constantinople; St. Gregory Palamas, Archbishop of Thessalonica; and St. Mark Evgenikos, Metropolitan of Ephesus. Also included is a brief history of the "Filioque" controversy and events leading to the schism of 1054, the causes for anti-union feeling among the Byzantines, St. Gregory's Conferences on Orthodoxy and Islam, the fall of Constantinople, and Orthodox replies to the innovations of the Papacy. Fifth volume in the series of lives of saints. APOS 640pp. Cloth TEMPORARILY OUT OF PRINT

(LS-) LIVES OF SAINTS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE by Rev. L. Puhalo. In 10 volumes. Short lives - at least one from each month in each volume - in simple language. All volumes different. Many illustrations. SYN Paper Vol. 1-2: c$2.50 each; Vol. 3-6, 8-10: d$4.00 each; Vol. 7: d$6.00

(HLS) THE LIVES OF THE SAINTS OF THE HOLY LAND AND THE SINAI DESERT This large volume contains many of the complete lives of all the great monastics (both men and women) of the Judean and Sinai monasteries and deserts, such as Sts. Euthymius, Theodosius, Savvas, Hilarion, Melania, Mary of Egypt, Theodosia; the hymnographers John of Damascus and Cosmas; as well as hierarchs, martyrs and ascetics. Arranged by date, this work is a treasure for Orthodox. APOS 580pp. Icons, maps and glossary. Cloth e$23.00

(LSM) THE LIVES OF THE SPIRITUAL MOTHERS; An Orthodox Materikon of Women Monastics and Ascetics translated and compiled from the Greek of the Great Synaxaristes of the Orthodox Church. The lives of 55 women ascetics, arranged by date. A real treasure, since the lives are unabridged. Volume 6 in the series of lives of saints. APOS 656pp. Illus. Cloth e$32.00

(HIER) THE LIVES OF THE THREE GREAT HIERARCHS: BASIL THE GREAT, GREGORY THE THEOLOGIAN, AND JOHN CHRYSOSTOM translated from Russian from the menology of St. Dimitri of Rostov by Reader Isaac E. Lambertsen and Xenia Endres. Includes the accounts of the translation of the relics of St. John Chrysostom and the Feast of the Synaxis of the Three Hierarchs. DOR/APOS 192pp Cloth e$15.50

(MSC) MARRIED SAINTS OF THE CHURCH by Monk Moses of the Holy Mountain. A collection of over 300 short lives of saints of the Church who were married - the first such collection. This book inspires those who struggle to keep the Faith in the midst of the world. XEN 192pp. Paper d$7.00

(NMT) NEW MARTYRS OF THE TURKISH YOKE translated from the Greek by L. Papadopulos, G. Lizardos and others. The lives of many of the martyrs who suffered persecution after the fall of the Byzantine Empire. Also contains the narratives of two miracles which occurred during those years: one of St. John the Baptist and one of St. Spyridon in Kerkira. SNP 412pp. Paper a$15.00


(OS-) ORTHODOX SAINTS, Spiritual Profiles for Modern Man by George Poulos. Revised and augmented editions of an earlier collection of short lives of saints. Now arranged by date, there is at least one life for each day of the year. Available so far are Vol. 1 (January-March), 283pp., Vol. 2 (April-June), 235pp., and Vol. 3 (July-September), 242pp. Vol. 4 (October-December), 243pp. HCOP Paper e$14.00 each.

(PRO-) THE PROLOGUE FROM OCHRID, The lives of the saints and homilies for every day in the year by Bishop Nikolai Velimirovic, translated by Mother Maria. Short accounts of the lives of major saints for each day, with a complete index of saints included for the entire year. A most valuable addition to any Orthodox library. Deluxe sturdy leatherette binding. LAZ Part I: January-March, 398pp.; Part II: April-June, 424pp.; Part III: July-September, 440pp.; Part IV: October-December, 440pp. (f) See order form for current prices.

(RMS) THE ROYAL MARTYR SISTERS The lives of Empress Alexandra and Grand Duchess Elisabeth Feodorovna of Russia, martyrs and saints under the Communist Yoke. Profusely illustrated. SER 48pp. Paper d$6.00

(SS) SAINTS AND SISTERHOOD: The Lives of Forty-Eight Holy Women by Eva Catafygiotu Topping. Arranged by month, the lives of these women saints are drawn from Greek sources such as the SYNAXARION, Byzantine sermons, commentaries, the services of the Church. The "retelling" has incorporated some additions providing background information for the broad spectrum of saints in the book. An important and inspiring collection. L&L 294pp. Paper d$10.00

SAINTS FOR ALL AGES A series of 10 volumes containing several abridged and/or paraphrased lives by category. OCA 48pp. each Paper d$4.00

(SA1) Book 1: WOMEN MARTYRS OF THE LORD. Sts. Perpetua and Felicitas, Barbara, Tatiana, Eugenia, and Agape, Chionia and Irene.

(SA2) Book 2: ENLIGHTENERS OF ANCIENT KINGDOMS. Sts. Nina of Georgia, Gregory the Illuminator, Frumentius of Ethiopia, Isaac of Armenia, and the Forty Martyrs of Sebastea.

(SA3) Book 3: NEW APOSTLES OF CHRIST. Sts. Cyril and Methodius, Stephen of Perm, Innocent of Irkutsk, and Nicholas of Japan.

(SA4) Book 4: RULERS OF NATIONS, SERVANTS OF CHRIST. Sts. Constantine and Helen, Pulcheria, Justinian and Theodora, Vladimir and Olga.

(SA5) Book 5: PILLARS OF THE CHURCH. Sts. Ignatius of Antioch, Polycarp of Smyrna, Justin the Philosopher, and Irenaeus of Lyons.

(SA6) Book 6: SAINTS OF THE BRITISH ISLES. Sts. Patrick of Ireland, Columba of Iona, Cuthbert of Lindisfarne, and Augustine of Canterbury.

(SA7) Book 7: FOUNDERS OF RUSSIAN MONASTICISM. Sts. Anthony and Theodosius of the Kievan Caves, Sergius of Radonezh, Nilus of Sora and Joseph of Volotsk, and Seraphim of Sarov.

(SA8) Book 8: GREAT MONKS OF THE DESERT. Sts. Anthony the Great, Pachomius the Great, Macarius the Great, Euthymius the Great, Sabbas the Sanctified, and Theodosius the Great.

(SA9) Book 9: POETS AND HYMNOGRAPHERS OF THE CHURCH. Sts. Ephrem the Syrian, Nicetas of Remensiana, Auxentius of Bithynia, Romanos the Melodist, Andrew of Crete, John of Damascus, and Theodore of Studion.

(SA10) Book 10: FIGHTERS FOR THE FAITH. Sts. Cyprian of Carthage, Athanasius the Great, John Chrysostom, and Cyril of Alexandria.

(AS1) THE SAINTS OF ANGLO-SAXON ENGLAND (9-11th Centuries) by Vladimir Moss. A series of lives of Orthodox martyrs and strugglers from the land of England from the centuries just prior to the Norman Conquest, who are largely unknown to us. SNP

(AS1) Vol. 1: 19 saints from 779 to 934 with an excellent historical introduction. 112pp. Illus. Paper b$8.50

(AS2) Vol. 2: This volume contains seven 10th century saints, including St. Dunstan. SNP 113pp. Paper b$8.50

(MOS10) STS. NICHOLAS, RAPHAEL AND IRENE (MODERN ORTHODOX SAINTS, Vol. 10) One of the series of lives of 17th to 20th century Orthodox Saints. Contains the martyrdom under the Turks of the Fathers Nicholas and Raphael, and the child Irene, and recounts how they were revealed to us in 1959. Also included are records of numerous miracles worked through their intercessions, the spiritual counsels of St. Raphael revealed to people, and essays by Constantine Cavarnos and Photios Kontoglou on what the wondrous revelation of these lives mean to us today. IBM 200pp. Paper d$8.00; Cloth d$11.00

(SP1) SERBIAN PATERIKON: Saints of the Serbian Orthodox Church (Vol. 1) by Fr. Daniel Rogich. A compilation of the lives of martyrs, confessors, monks and holy leaders - many never before in English. An important insight into the depth of Serbia's spirituality. This volume covers January thru April. Profusely illustrated. PAIS 331pp. Paper d$15.00

(BS) THREE BYZANTINE SAINTS translated by Dawes and Baynes. The lives of St. Daniel the Stylite, St. Theodore of Sykeon and St. John the Almsgiver, written by their contemporaries. SVS 275pp. Paper d$13.00

(WH) THE WHEAT OF CHRIST by Dmitry Mishetsky. A collection of poetic renditions of the lives of Saints Ignatius of Antioch, Adrian and Natalie, Thais, Dorothy, and Panteleimon. A charming presentation. SNP 36pp. Illus. Paper a$3.00


(A&NR) THE HOLY MARTYRS ADRIAN AND NATALIA, Revised Edition. The account of their suffering has now been augmented with the liturgical service and akathist in their honor in a newly typeset edition. KRON 48pp. Paper e$3.50

(ALEX) THE LIFE OF ST. ALEXIS, THE MAN OF GOD Newly reprinted, this beautiful and inspiring life of a youth of Rome who left wealth and the good things of this life for the love of God is a great favorite. HT 24pp. Paper d$2.00

(AMB) THE YOUNG ELDER, A Biography of Blessed Archimandrite Ambrose of Milkovo by Archbishop Anthony of San Francisco. The life of this 20th century ascetic who spent his early monastic years at the Optina Hermitage. HT 70pp. Paper d$4.00

(ANAS) THE LIFE AND MARTYRDOM OF SAINT ANASTASIA AND THOSE WHO WERE WITH HER This saint, often called the "deliverer from potions" is celebrated on December 22. She and her companions were martyred in Rome during the reign of Diocletian. An inspiring life. SNP 36pp. Paper b$3.00

(ANNA) THE LIFE OF THE HOLY GRAND PRINCESS ANNA OF NOVGOROD The life of the wife of Yaroslav the Wise, whose piety and Christian love was an example to all. KRON 10pp. Paper e$1.00

(AR6C) SAINT ARSENIOS OF CAPPADOCIA by Monk P. of the Holy Mountain, translated and published by the Convent of the Evangelist. The life and miracles of Hieromonk Arsenius of Farasa in Cappadocia who was a light and guide to the Christians under the Turkish Yoke. His humility, love and the wonders he worked through his prayers impressed even the Hagarenes. Always a comfort to his people, he went with them to Greece during the exchange of populations in 1924, where he reposed shortly after. An inspiring book for all. A full-color icon is the frontispiece. 141pp. Paper d$6.00

(ARS6) ST. ARSENIOS OF PAROS (MODERN ORTHODOX SAINTS, Vol. 6) Contains the life of the great ascetic, confessor, educator, wonderworker, and defender of Orthodox Tradition of the 19th century on the Island of Paros. IBM 123pp. Paper d$7.00

(ASM) ASSUMPTION OF THE MOTHER OF GOD Translation from Russian of the account in the Menaion of St. Dimitry of Rostov. HT 32pp. Paper d$3.00

(ATA) BLESSED ATHANASIA and the Desert Ideal, Second Edition, by Fr. Alexander Priklonsky. Long out of print, the new edition contains the life of a spiritual daughter of St. Seraphim of Sarov who lived in the wilderness of northern Russia, and newly added, an essay by the nuns of St. Xenia Skete, "The Desert Ideal." XEN 109pp. Illus. Paper e$5.00

(ATH) FAITH HEALING IN LATE BYZANTIUM (ATHANASIOS I) by Alice-Mary Talbot. Greek text and an English translation of "The Posthumous Miracles of the Patriarch Athanasios I of Constantinople by Theoktistos the Stoudite," which is his life and miracles, and information on healings connected with the lives of other Orthodox saints. HCOP 162pp. Paper e$12.00

(AV) THE JUST SHINE LIKE THE STARS (AVERKY). A photographic biography on the life of Archbishop Averky of Jordanville, who reposed in 1976, together with a selection of some of his sermons. SER 75pp. Paper d$5.00

(BAS) THE LIFE OF BISHOP BASIL OF KINESHMA, New Martyr of the Communist Yoke. The biography of this new martyr (+1945) comes to us from a translation of a samizdat manuscript brought from the Soviet Union in 1988. This brief life of a faithful struggler for Christ is an inspiration. NIK 32pp. Illus. Paper d$2.00

(BEN) SAINT BENEDICT OF NURSIA, Revised Edition The Life of St. Benedict from the MENOLOGY of St. Dimitri of Rostov and the liturgical service and akathist translated by Isaac Lambertsen, together with the English text of the Rule of St. Benedict for monasteries. An excellent edition. KRON 80pp. Paper e$5.00

(BRE) SAINT BRENDAN Edited by Iain MacDonald. One of a series of lives and writings of early Irish and Scottish saints from original sources, with a brief historical background. Contains the famous voyage of this 6th century monk. FLORIS 64pp. Paper d$6.00

(BRI) SAINT BRIDE (BRIDGIT) Edited by Iain MacDonald. One of a series of lives and writings of early Irish and Scottish saints from original sources, with a brief historical background. St. Bridgit was the founder of the first convent in Ireland about the year 500. FLORIS 64pp. Paper d$6.00

(CAT) SUFFERING OF THE GREAT MARTYR CATHERINE, newly translated from the Greek by Lizardos and Papadopulos. A favorite saint of the Orthodox, this life is illustrated with an icon of the saint, and many photographs of the monastery dedicated to her in Sinai. SNP 32pp Illus. Paper a$2.00

(CLB) SAINT COLUMBA Edited by Iain MacDonald. One of a series of lives and writings of early Irish and Scottish saints from original sources, with a brief historical background. St. Columba, founder of the Abbey of Iona, was also a great missionary and lived in the 6th century. FLORIS 64pp. Paper d$6.00

(COS1) ST. COSMAS AITOLOS (MODERN ORTHODOX SAINTS), Vol. 1 (revised) First of a series of lives of 17th to 20th century saints. Contains the life and a selection from the writings of this great 17th century preacher of piety and clairvoyant who did much to preserve the Orthodox Faith during the Turkish Yoke. IBM 118pp. Cloth d$10.00; Paper d$7.00

(COSK) FATHER KOSMAS, The Apostle of the Poor by Nomikos M. Vaporis. The life of St. Cosmas Aitolos with the most complete English translation of his teachings and letters. HCOP 164pp. Illus. Cloth d$8.00

(DORR) THE SUFFERING OF THE HOLY MARTYR DOROTHY AND WITH HER CHRISTINA, CALLISTA AND THEOPHILUS, revised edition. Translated from the Russian, these lives of early fourth century martyrs from Caesarea of Cappadocia are an inspiration in steadfastness and patience. SNP 22pp. Illus. Paper a$2.50

(ELE) THE SUFFERING OF THE HOLY HIEROMARTYR ELEUTHERIUS and His Mother Anthia translated from the Russian. St. Eleutherius, Bishop of Illyricum was martyred under Emperor Hadrian of Rome. He is known as the protector of women in childbirth, and is commemorated on December 15. KRON 8pp. Paper e$1.00

(GDE) GRAND DUCHESS ELIZABETH OF RUSSIA: New Martyr of the Communist Yoke by Lubov Millar. The most authoritative biography of the New Martyr available, drawn from many source materials not previously published. Includes over 40 photographs and an extensive bibliography. NIK 255pp. Cloth d$15.00

(ELI) SAINT ELIZABETH THE NEW MARTYR by Ludmila Koehler. The life of the Grand Duchess Elizabeth (wife of Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich Romanov) who became a nun after her husband's death, and was martyred by the Communists in 1918. Very detailed, well-documented presentation. Orthodox Palestine Society 92pp. Paper e$5.00

(EUD) EMPRESS ATHENAIS-EUDOCIA by Jeanne Tsatsos. The account of a pagan Athenian girl who became Empress of Byzantium and then a saint in the desert of Palestine. Translated from the Greek. HCOP 141pp. Paper d$4.00

(EUG) THE LIFE AND SUFFERINGS OF THE HOLY MARTYR EUGENIA and THE LIFE OF THE HOLY HIEROMARTYR ANTIPAS The lives of two martyrs, the great struggler and confessor Eugenia who was martyred in Rome, and St. Antipas, Bishop of Pergamon (patron saint of dentists). HT 30pp. Paper d$2.00

(EUT) SAINTS EUTHYMIUS, ACACIUS and IGNATIUS The lives of three great new martyrs from Mt. Athos who martyred during the Turkish Yoke. These three young monks are often referred to as the crowning jewels of new martyrs from the Holy Mountain. An inspiring life for all Orthodox Christians. KRON 28pp. Paper e$2.50

(FEO) HIEROSCHEMAMONK FEOFIL, Ascetic and Visionary of the Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra compiled by Vladimir Znosko. The life of the blessed Starets Feofil, Fool for Christ's Sake, a 19th century Russian ascetic and visionary. HT 134pp. Paper d$5.00

(GEO) THE PASSION AND MIRACLES OF THE GREAT MARTYR AND VICTORIOUS WONDERWORKER, SAINT GEORGE translated from the Russian, and reprinted with additions from the Greek text, the life of this favorite saint of east and west is now available again in a handsome edition printed on acid-free paper, with many icons illustrating his life and martyrdom. SNP 50pp. Paper b$4.00

(GREG) PATRIARCH GREGORY V, THE ETHNOMARTYR by Antonios Markou, translated by Patrick Barker. The life and martyrdom of the hierarch who blessed his flock to resist the slaughter by the Hagarenes in the 19th century following the revolution in the Peloponnese. A good picture of the latter period of the Turkish Yoke. CT 39pp. Paper f$3.50

(HER) ST. HERMAN OF ALASKA, LITTLE RUSSIA PHILOKALIA, VOL. III Contains the original life of St. Herman, his writings, and his complete extant letters. HER 200pp. Illus. Paper d$10.00

(IN) INNOKENTY OF ALASKA The life of the missionary Bishop to Alaska, together with his well known treatise, INDICATION OF THE WAY INTO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. Contains many contemporary illustrations. SYN 170pp. Paper d$6.00

(DIAL) DIALOGUE ON THE LIFE OF ST. JOHN CHRYSOSTOM by Palladius. Written in 406-408 in the form of a dialogue (a popular form used by Greek philosophers), this early life written by a contemporary, formed the foundation for later writings on St. John. Contains much information on this period, as well as a short life of Palladius and indices for scriptural references, people and places. ACW No. 45. PAUL 249pp. Cloth d$17.00

(JKL) FR. JOHN OF KRONSTADT: A Life by W. Jardine Grisbrooke. The full life of this most popular saint of Russia, whose life, teachings and writings have guided and influenced millions of Orthodox people for the past century. SVS 160pp. Paper d$11.00


(JN) THE LIFE AND TESTAMENT OF ST. JOHN OF RILA, adapted from the life of the saint by St. Ephthemy, Patriarch of Tirnovo. St. John, wonderworker of Rila, established and guided the Rila Monastery in the 10th century, which became a spiritual and creative center of Bulgaria to this day. This inspiring life and testament are a guide to all who struggle in Christian life today. St. John of Rila Monastery 18pp. Paper f$1.75

(JSF) MAN OF GOD: SAINT JOHN OF SHANGHAI & SAN FRANCISCO Contains the reminiscenes, sermons and testimonies of miracles by Archbishop John. Translated from the Russian edition. Full-color icon frontispiece. NIK 270pp. Cloth d$17.00 Paper d$12.00

(JR) THE LIFE OF ST. JOHN THE RUSSIAN by the Monk John Vranos. Translated from the Greek in an easy-to-read and profusely illustrated edition. St. John is a favorite saint, especially of the Orthodox whose families came from Asia Minor, where he preserved his piety after being taken as a captive in the Russo-Turkish War. XEN 35pp. TEMPORARILY OUT OF PRINT

(JOS) ELDER JOSEPH OF OPTINA Two parallel anonymous lives of one of the last Elders of the famous Russian monastery and spiritual center, Optina, which was closed after the Revolution. Translated from the Russian by Holy Transfiguration Monastery. HTM 312pp. Paper f$10.50

(JUS) ST. JUSTINIAN THE GREAT by Rev. Asterios Gerostergios. The life of this emperor and saint, theologian, defender of Orthodoxy, builder of churches and lawgiver - an inspiration for all in the world. IBM 312pp. Illus. Paper d$14.00

(MOT) THE KAZAN ICON OF THE MOTHER OF GOD The history, service and akathist translated from the Russian. KRON 48pp. Paper e$4.50


(MK) MEETINGS WITH KONTOGLOU by Constantine Cavarnos. Photios Kontoglou, one of the great Orthodox laymen of the 20th century, was not only an iconographer whose love of Byzantine iconography caused a great revival in traditional iconography, but a devoted author (nominated for a Nobel prize in literature), philosopher and teacher. This book presents his life and thought from 1920 to his repose in 1965. IBM 216pp. Illus. Paper d$12.00

(KUR) KURSK ICON OF THE MOTHER OF GOD A new publication containing the history of the discovery and wanderings of the Kursk Icon of the Mother of God, protectress of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, as well as recent miracles attributed to its presence and intercession. Also contains the liturgical service translated by Reader Isaac Lambertsen and the Akathist Hymn. KRON 64pp. Paper e$4.50

(LUK) LIFE OF THE HOLY APOSTLE AND EVANGELIST LUKE The Life of the Apostle Luke and the liturgical service in his honor, translated from Russian by Reader Isaac Lambertsen. KRON 32pp. Paper e$2.50

(LUKE) LIFE AND MIRACLES OF ST. LUKE, WONDERWORKER OF STEIRIS by Carolyn & W. Robert Connor. One of the most famous and beautiful surviving Byzantine monasteries is the 10th century one of Hosios Loukas which St. Luke founded. This is the account of his life (written shortly after his repose) and records the many miracles worked during his life and after his repose. Greek and English on facing pages. HCOP 178pp Paper e$15.00

(MAC2) ST. MACARIOS OF CORINTH (MODERN ORTHODOX SAINTS, Vol. 2) Contains the life and a selection of writings of this Archbishop of Corinth and reviver of mysticism of the 18th century, who with St. Nicodemos the Athonite was a compiler of the Philokalia and lives of many saints. IBM 118pp. Paper d$7.00

(MAR) MARIA OF OLONETS, Desert Dweller of the Northern Forests by Bishop Nikodim of Belgorod. Also contains the lives of the Elder Isaiah-Ignatius of St. Nicephorus Hermitage, Anastasia of Padan, and the Righteous farmer Peter, all strugglers of the Olonets region of Russia in the 19th century. HER 124pp. Paper $3.00

(MA) ST. MARK THE ANCHORITE, trans. by Holy Transfiguration Monastery. The life of this early ascetic who struggled on Mt. Thrace was revealed through a revelation by God to St. Serapion, one of the Fathers of The Paradise of the Fathers. BYZ 14pp. Paper f$1.50

(MAE) LIFE OF OUR HOLY MOTHER MARY OF EGYPT The life of one of the favorite Orthodox saints who reposed in the Jordanian desert in 522 A.D. New edition. SNP 42pp. Illus. Paper a$3.00

(MM) THE HOLY MYRRH-BEARER MARY MAGDALENE The life of the holy myrrh-bearer and equal-to-the-apostles Mary Magdalene, and the Akathist Hymn in her honor. Translated from the Russian and Slavonic by Reader Isaac Lambertsen. KRON 47pp. Paper e$3.00

(MAX) THE LIFE OF OUR HOLY FATHER MAXIMUS THE CONFESSOR based on the Life by his disciple Anastasius. Translated by Fr. Christopher Birchall. This life of a great Confessor of the Faith is a must for all Orthodox Christians. HTM/SNP 78pp. Paper b$5.00

(MET9) ST. METHODIA OF KIMOLOS (MODERN ORTHODOX SAINTS, Vol. 9) The life, miracles and influence of St. Methodia, a monastic saint who reposed in 1908 and is known as the patron saint of the island of Kimolos. Also contains selected hymns from the service to her. IBM 123pp. Paper Illus. d$7.00

(MOSE) THE LIFE OF OUR HOLY FATHER AMONG THE SAINTS, MOSES THE ETHIOPIAN A new translation of the life of this desert father from Ethiopia - a leader of thieves and murderer who repented - with a selection of his "sayings" from The Paradise of the Fathers. SNP 19pp. Paper a$2.00

(MUN) SAINT MUNGO (KENTIGERN) Edited by Iain MacDonald. One of a series of lives and writings of early Irish and Scottish saints from original sources with a brief historical background. St. Kentigern Mundo, 6th century "apostle" of Scotland and Wales, is a favorite saint of those areas. FLORIS 64pp. Paper d$6.00

(NEC7) ST. NECTARIOS OF AEGINA (MODERN ORTHODOX SAINTS, Vol. 7) The life and a selection from the writings of this great wonderworker, who was Bishop of Pentapolis and reposed in the early part of this century. IBM 222pp. Paper d$8.00

(NECP) LIFE OF ST. NECTARIOS OF PENTAPOLIS The life of this popular 20th Century Saint translated from the Greek. St. Nectarios, the great wonder-worker of this century, whose relics are on the Island of Aegina. Frontispiece is colored icon. SNP 15pp. Paper b$.75

(NW) THE LIFE, SERVICE, AKATHIST AND MIRACLES OF SAINT NICHOLAS THE WONDERWORKER. Long out-of-print, this complete edition of the life and service for St. Nicholas of Myra, one of the most popular of saints, is now available with the service printed in red and black in large type. HT 96pp. Paper d$5.00

(NICC) PAPA-NICHOLAS PLANAS, The Simple Shepherd of Simple Sheep by the Nun Martha. The delightful account of the life of a humble priest and wonderworker of Athens in the early part of this century. HTM 172pp. Cloth OUT OF PRINT

(NIHC) ST. NICODEMOS THE HAGIORITE (MODERN ORTHODOX SAINTS, Vol. 7) The life and a selection from the writings of the Athonite father who was a reviver of hesychasm and collected/translated many lives of saints and spiritual writings, including THE PHILOKALIA. IBM 167pp. Cloth d$10.00

(NIK4) ST. NIKEPHOROS OF CHIOS (MODERN ORTHODOX SAINTS, Vol. 4) Part of the series is the life of this great ascetic, trainer of martyrs and writer of liturgical poetry and lives of saints of the mid-18th and early 19th century. IBM 124pp Paper d$7.00

(NIK) PATRIARCH NIKEPHOROS OF CONSTANTINOPLE: AN EYEWITNESS TO HISTORY translated by Norman Tobias and Anthony R. Santoro. A scholarly work on Saint Nikephoros who lived during the iconclastic controvery. HC 220pp. Paper e$19.00

(NIKO) THE LIFE OF ST. NIKON, Text, Translation and Commentary by Denis F. Sullivan. This saint of the 10th century was called Miracle-worker, "Myroblytes" and "the Metanoeite" for the many miracles he worked, the myrrh which flowed from his sacred relics, and the message of repentance which he brought to the Christians in his native Asia Minor, to Crete, and throughout Greece. A well-rendered translation. Contains both the Greek and English texts. HCOP 314pp. Paper d$17.00

(NINA) THE LIFE OF ST. NINA, Equal-of-the-Apostles and Enlightener of Georgia. The life of this popular saint translated from the Russian, with the full service in her honour. HT 33pp. Paper d$2.00

(NI) SAINT NINIAN Edited by Iain MacDonald. One of a series of lives and writings of early Irish and Scottish saints from original sources, with a brief historical background. Fifth century missionary-bishop who evangelized the northern Britons and the Picts from his mission at Whithorn. FLORIS 64pp. Paper d$6.00

THE LIFE OF SAINT PACHOMIUS - See section on Monasticism.

(PAIG) SAINT PAISIOS THE GREAT by Saint John the Dwarf of Egypt. The complete life of one of the greatest fathers of the Egyptian desert, written by one of his disciples. Translated from the Greek with notes and bibliography. HT 71pp. Paper TEMP. OUT OF PRINT

(PAIS) STARETS PAISII VELICHKOVSKY by Fr. Sergii Chetverikov. The life, teachings, and influence on Orthodox monasticism of a great 18th century Russian ascetic and man of prayer. SVS 339pp Paper $35.00 - SPECIAL PRICE: e$10.00

(PAIV) BLESSED PAISIUS VELICHKOVKSY by Schema-monk Metrophanes. The life and ascetical labors of St. Paisius, Archimandrite of the Monasteries of Niamets and Sekoul and defender of hesychast tradition, translated from the Optina version written by his disciple. A reprint of the 1972 edition. Profusely illustrated. PAIS 299pp. Paper d$17.00

(PAT) SAINT PATRICK Edited by Iain MacDonald. One of a series of lives and writings of early Irish and Scottish saints from original sources, with a brief historical background. The famous 5th century missionary bishop called "The Apostle of Ireland." FLORIS 64pp. Paper d$6.00

(PEL) SERAPHIM'S SERAPHIM The life of Pelagia Ivanovna Serebrenikova, disciple of St. Seraphim of Sarov and Fool for Christ's Sake of the Seraphim-Diveyevo Convent. HTM 162pp. Paper f$4.50

(PET) THE LIFE OF OUR VENERABLE AND GOD-BEARING FATHER PETER THE ATHONITE A commander in the Byzantine army, after his miraculous rescue from imprisonment, this saint became a spiritual light and wonderworker on the holy mountain Athos. KRON 19pp. Paper f$1.50

(RPM) THE RIGHTEOUS PETER MICHURIN by Elder Zosima Verkhovsky. Translated from the Russian, this account of a young ascetic in the Siberian "desert" in the early 1800's mirrors that of the desert fathers of old. BYZ 14pp. Paper e$2.50

(PHIL) SAINT PHILARET THE ALMSGIVER The life of St. Philaret the Almsgiver of Amnia, who lived in the 8th century. A beautiful and inspiring life for all. NICH/NSP 24pp. Paper b$2.00

(PHO) PATRIARCH PHOTIOS OF CONSTANTINOPLE by Despina S. White. The life, scholarly contribution and correspondence of this great theologian and saint. HCOP 234pp. Paper d$10.00

(PHOG) ST. PHOTIOS THE GREAT by Asterios Gerostergios. The life of the great Champion of the Orthodox and Patriarch of Constantinople in the 9th Century. The volume contains some selected hymns from his feast. IBM 125pp. Paper d$7.00

(RIK) THE "REIGNING" ICON OF THE MOTHER OF GOD, Manifested at Kolomna in 1917, translated by Isaac Lambertsen. The account of the revelation of this icon of the Mother of God on the day of the abdication of Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II. Also contains the liturgical service and the akathist. KRON 48pp. Paper e$4.00

(SAV) THE LIFE OF ST. SAVA THE SANCTIFIED The long life of one of the most popular and beloved of the saints of the Palestinian desert, translated from the Greek. Contains illustrations from his monastery, still inhabited by Greek monks. Christ the Saviour Church 77pp. Paper e$3.50

(SAVS) THE LIFE OF SAINT SAVA [OF SERBIA] by Bishop Nikolai Velimirovich. Long out of print, this beloved life of the much loved "enlightener" and patron saint of Serbia has finally been reprinted with revised and modernized language and spelling by Lydia W. Kesich. Written in a simple and moving manner, it throws much light on the history of the 12th and 13th century Orthodox world in tracing the life of St. Sava from Serbia to Mt. Athos and elsewhere. SVS 180pp. Paper d$11.00

(SER5) ST. SERAPHIM OF SAROV (MODERN ORTHODOX SAINTS, Vol. 5) One of the series of lives of 17th to 20th century Orthodox saints. This humble monk has become one of the most beloved of the Orthodox today. Contains sections from A WONDERFUL REVELATION TO THE WORLD, his conversation with Motovilov on the meaning of Christian life (A copy of the full text is available in section On Spiritual Life). IBM 167pp. Paper d$7.50

(SIM) THE LIVES OF SIMEON STYLITES translated by Robert Doran. Translations of the three early extant lives of one of the most popular "pillar" saints, St. Simeon the Stylite (5th century), who became a focus of pilgrimage from east and west. CIS 241pp. Paper d$16.00

(SPYL) THE LIFE OF OUR HOLY FATHER SPYRIDON OF TREMITHUS The charming life of the great wonderworker and bishop of Cyprus who was present at the First Ecumenical Council in 325. Translated from the Russian. KRON 23pp. Paper f$2.00

(SPYM) THE MIRACLES OF OUR HOLY FATHER SPYRIDON OF TREMITHUS Several miracles worked by the saint after his repose in the 19th century. Translated from the Greek. KRON 17pp. Paper f$2.00 TEMPORARILY OUT OF PRINT.

(STE) THE SUFFERING OF THE HOLY VENERABLE-MARTYR STEPHEN THE NEW The inspiring life of a monastic who lived during the iconoclastic period of the 8th century and valiantly defended the veneration of the holy icons. KRON 32pp. Paper f$2.50

(THA) ABBESS THAISIA OF LEUSHINO, The Autobiography of a Spiritual Daughter of St. John of Kronstadt. The life of this abbess who was well known throughout Russia in the decades before the revolution, gives a clear picture not only of the spiritual development of one spiritual struggler, but also of monasticism in the north of Russia of this era. It also contains her book, CONVERSATIONS WITH ST. JOHN OF KRONSTADT, as well as numerous illustrations of the time. HER 344pp. Paper d$15.00

(TIK) SAINT TIKHON OF ZADONSK by Nadejda Gorodetzky. A definitive biography of this famous Russian saint of the 18th Century gives great insight into his life, times and writings. Fully annotated and indexed. SVS 318pp. Paper d$10.00

(LVM) THE LIFE OF THE VIRGIN MARY, THE THEOTOKOS. The most complete text on the life of the Theotokos from her conception to her Dormition, treated within the framework of Sacred Tradition, together with the liturgical and iconographical tradition of the Orthodox Church. Heavily documented with extensive quotations from the Fathers of the Church and illustrated with over 300 icons and maps. APOS 640pp. Cloth e$32.00

(VLAD) THE LIFE OF THE HOLY PRINCE VLADIMIR THE GREAT OF KIEV, translated from the Slavonic by Reader Isaac Lambertsen. This saint, beloved by the Slavic peoples, is called the Enlightener of Rus' and Wonderworker, for he turned from paganism and led his subjects in accepting the Orthodox Christian Faith in the year 988. KRON 15pp. Paper f$3.00

(VLAK) A Wreath on the Grave of the NEW HIEROMARTYR VLADIMIR OF KIEV translated by Antonina Janda from the Russian. The life and martyrdom of the first hieromartyr under the communists in 1918. KRON 95pp. Paper e$6.00

(WWI) WONDER-WORKING ICONS OF THE THEOTOKOS trans. and compiled by Fr. Feodor Kovalchuk. A handy volume containing brief histories of 54 icons of the Mother of God, all with line drawings of the icon. The only collection of its kind. CSD 138pp. Paper d$3.00

(XEN) THE LIFE AND MIRACLES OF BLESSED XENIA OF ST. PETERSBURG, recently glorified Fool for Christ's Sake who lived in the 18th century. Contains scores of miracles attributed to her intercessions. HT 78pp. Paper d$4.00

(XENR) ST. XENIA OF ROME This famous and popular saint left wealth and a noble life in Rome to become a "stranger" for the love of Christ. She settled on the Island of Kos and founded a convent there, working many miracles after her repose. SN 18pp. Paper b$2.00

(ZOS) ELDER ZOSIMA, Hesychast of Siberia by Abbess Vera Verkhovsky. A new edition of the life of a hermit of Russia's "northern desert," written by his niece and disciple and out of print since 1967. An inspiring book for lay people and monastics alike. HER 287pp. Paper d$10.00


(ASC4) THE ASCETIC LIFE and FOUR CENTURIES ON CHARITY by St. Maximos the Confessor. Fundamental and beautiful teachings on Christian life and faith by a great 7th century father. ACW Vol. 21 PAUL 284pp. Cloth d$20.00

(ASCH) THE ASCETICAL HOMILIES OF ST. ISAAC THE SYRIAN A new translation of the homilies of St. Isaac by Holy Transfiguration Monastery, comparing many ancient Greek and Syriac texts. A treasure of practical spiritual instruction for laity and monastics alike. Deluxe edition printed in red and black. HTM 680pp. Illus. Cloth f$46.00

(BF) BE FRIENDS OF GOD: Spiritual Reading from Gregory the Great translated by John Leinenweber. Selections from the homilies of St. Gregory the Great (6th c.), modernized and arranged by subject brief sections. Delightful woodcut illustrations and Biblical index. COWL 203pp. Paper d$11.00

(CLN) A COLLECTION OF LETTERS TO NUNS: Profitable instructions for laymen and monastics by St. Anatoly (Zertsalov) of Optina, translated by Holy Nativity Convent. These letters of a famous Optina elder are filled with simplicity, sincerity, faith and humor - all directed towards the salvation of the souls of those entrusted to him. Contains also a life of St. Anatoly, and excellent glossary and subject index. HT 308pp. Paper d$15.00

(CCP) COUNSELS ON THE CHRISTIAN PRIESTHOOD by St. John of Kronstadt. Translated by W. Jardine Grisbrooke, these selections from the writings of St. John are applicable to all who wish to draw near to God. SVS 134pp. d$8.00

(DISC) THE DISCOURSES by St. Simeon the New Theologian. The sermons of this great ascetic father on repentance, renunciation, charity, the practice of the commandments of God, faith, contemplation, and many other subjects. PAUL 396pp. Cloth d$23.00; Paper d$20.00

(DISS) DOROTHEOS OF GAZA; DISCOURSES AND SAYINGS translated by Eric P. Wheeler. The teachings of St. Dorotheos, a 6th century archimandrite of Gaza, which are just as applicable to Christians today. CIS 259pp Paper d$10.00

(DHF) DRINKING FROM THE HIDDEN FOUNTAIN: A Patristic Breviary; Ancient Wisdom for Today's World. A daily collection of brief excerpts on everyday Christian life and experience, prayer, scripture reading, work, wealth, and a multitude of other subjects. A real treasure for a busy life in the world. Excellent index of sources. CIS 447pp. Paper d$20.00

(EV-) THE EVERGETINOS; A Complete Text translated by Bishop Chrysostomos et al. This is one of the major Greek Paterika (collections "of the fathers"), long a source of spiritual inspiration and guidance. It contains narratives from the lives and teachings of the fathers and mothers of the Egyptian deserts. An on-going series. CTOS Paper Book I, Vol. I: 105pp. f$6.50; Book I, Vol. II 163pp. f$7.50

(FSH) FIFTY SPIRITUAL HOMILIES and THE GREAT LETTER by St. Macarius the Great, translated by George A. Maloney. A modern English translation of the spiritual homilies, long a favorite work on Orthodox spirituality and monastic struggles. THE GREAT LETTER contains instructions directed at promoting spiritual tranquillity. PAUL 320pp. Paper d$18.00

(NICO) A HANDBOOK OF SPIRITUAL COUNSEL by St. Nicodemos of the Holy Mountain, translated by Peter A. Chamberas. The subtitle of this work is an apt description: "The Guarding of the Five Senses and the Imagination of the Mind and Heart. The Cultivation of Natural Delights of the Mind." A practical and clear guide for spiritual life. PAUL 256pp. Cloth d$18.00

(ICS) THE ILLNESS AND CURE OF THE SOUL IN THE ORTHODOX TRADITION by Archimandrite Hierotheos Vlachos. Trans. from Greek. Fr. Hierotheos uses quotations from the Church Fathers and many saints to support his conviction that man's soul suffers illness which distorts his relationship with God, his fellow men and nature - to be cured in the hospital of the Church. Presented in the form of a discussion, the contents was used in a lecture series at the Theological School of Damascus. BTM 184pp. Paper e$13.50

(DILL) ILLUSTRATED SAYINGS OF THE HOLY FATHERS by the Monk John Vranos. Selections from the writings of the Holy Fathers presented in simple terms with an iconographic type illustration for each subject. Excellent for older children. XEN 52pp. Illus. Paper e$4.00

(IND) INDICATION OF THE WAY INTO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN by Bishop Innokenty of Alaska. A treasury of wisdom on Christian life and teachings. HT 48pp Paper d$3.00

(JH) JOURNEY TO HEAVEN; Counsels on the Particular Duties of Every Christian by St. Tikhon of Zadonsk. An anthology of the writings of St. Tikhon, a beloved Russian saint of the 18th Century. Divided into six main parts: I on the love of God; II and II on the way of salvation; IV a summary of Christian duties; V the goal of eternal salvation; and VI a short moral teaching. With short chapters in each part, this is a wonderful guide for all. Complete subject and scriptural indices, and the life of St. Tikhon. HT 279pp. Paper d$15.00

(KAS) KASSIANA: Lessons in Divine and Christian Love from the Collected Works of Bishop Nikolai Velimirovich, translated from the Serbian. The full text of the letter from Archimandrite Callistus to the nun Kassiana, his spiritual daughter who had fallen into despair over her unsightly physical condition. A most beautiful and moving piece. SNP - DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED

(KDS) KINDLING THE DIVINE SPARK: Teachings on How to Preserve Spiritual Zeal by St. Theophan the Recluse. Although directed at women, this instructive book contains valuable instruction for all - beginners as well as those more advanced in spiritual life. Those familiar with the writings of Theophan the Recluse will welcome this new addition in English to the spiritual legacy of this well-known and popular 19th century Russian Father. XEN 160pp. Paper e$8.00

(LAD) THE LADDER OF DIVINE ASCENT by St. John Climacus. The classic work on spiritual life translated by Holy Transfiguration Monastery has been reprinted with some minor revisions. Deluxe edition printed in red and black throughout with full color frontispiece. HTM 336pp. Cloth f$26.00

(LTA) THE LETTERS OF AMMONAS, Successor of Saint Anthony translated by Derwas J. Chitty. The fourteen surviving letters on spiritual direction by a disciple of St. Anthony now available in English. CIS 21pp. Paper f$3.00

(LTAG) THE LETTERS OF ST. ANTHONY THE GREAT translated by Derwas J. Chitty. Seven beautiful letters of St. Anthony to his disciples published for the first time in English. CIS 28pp. Paper f$5.00

0(LB) LETTERS TO A BEGINNER: On Giving One's Life to God by Abbess Thaisia. Translated from the Russian edition of 1900, this collection of fourteen letters written to beginning (novice) nuns offers wise instruction to anyone - particularly women - wishing to live a "life in Christ" whether in the world or a monastery. Abbess Thaisia, a spiritual daughter of St. John of Kronstadt, was well versed in the writings of the holy fathers, and was a gifted spiritual writer in her on right. XEN 110pp. illus. Paper e$8.00

(LM) THE LIFE OF MOSES by St. Gregory of Nyssa. A spiritual interpretation of the life of the Prophet Moses, used as an example of Christian life and mystical union with God. PAUL 208pp. Paper d$13.00

(LRP4) LITTLE RUSSIAN PHILOKALIA, Vol. IV St. Paisius Velichkovsky the spiritual writings of St. Paisius, including The Scroll and Field Flowers. Newly translated into English. This a treasure for all orthodox. HER 151pp. Paper d$10.00

(MLP) MY LIFE IN CHRIST by St. John of Kronstadt. Trans. from Russian. The complete spiritual diary of this modern man of prayer, which has long been an inspiration for all. HT 558pp. Cloth e35.00; Paper e$25.00

(NDH) A NIGHT IN THE DESERT OF THE HOLY MOUNTAIN; Discussion with a Hermit on the Jesus Prayer by Archimandrite Hierotheos Vlachos. Translated from the Greek, this modern dialogue between the author and an elder experienced in the practice of the Jesus Prayer is a simple presentation of the age-old teachings of prayer of the heart. A contemporary "Way of a Pilgrim". Contains a glossary of terms. 172pp. Paper e$16.00

(PRAY) ON PRAYER by St. John of Kronstadt. Extracts from his spiritual diary arranged by subject (e.g., "On the Essence...of Prayer," "On Prayer to Saints...," "On the Jesus Prayer"). HT 74pp. Paper d$3.00

(OPA) ON PRAYER from the Alphabetalphabetos by St. Meletios the Confessor. A small selection from a 14th century monastic of Mt. Galesion, who wrote in verse on a wide range of ecclesiastical and spiritual topics. This selection is from 24 stanzas of 24 lines each, corresponding to the 24 letters of the Greek alphabet. Includes a short life of the saint. KRON 32pp. Paper f$3.00

(OPT) ON PRAYER, from the Writings of Bishop Theophan the Recluse, translated from the Russian and reprinted from ORTHODOX LIFE, No. 4, 1982. Excerpts from the letters of Bishop Theophan on many aspects of prayer, most written to lay people. HT 12pp. Paper f$1.25

(ORP) ORTHODOX PSYCHOTHERAPY by Archimandrite Hierotheos Vlachos; trans by Esther Williams.The patristic key to reestablishing one's relationship with God. This is a companion work to the author's highly popular Illness and Cure of the soul. BTM 366pp. Paper e$23.00

((PAR) THE PARADISE OF THE FATHERS The lives and sayings of the early monastics of the Egyptian desert. A classic work on monasticism and Christian life. Vol. I contains the complete life of St. Anthony the Great by St. Athanasius and lives of scores of other monastics; Vol. II contains the sayings. 2 volumes SNP Paper b$30.00/set (sold in sets only)

THE PHILOKALIA The complete text compiled by St. Nikodimos of the Holy Mountain and St. Makarios of Corinth of writings on spiritual life by fathers of the Church. Translated from the Greek. FF

(PHI1) Vol. I: St. Isaiah the Solitary, Evagrios the Solitary, St. John Cassian, St. Mark the Ascetic, and others. 378pp Paper d$17.00

(PH2-) Vol. II: St. Theodore the Great Ascetic, St. Maximos the Confessor, St. Thalassios the Libyan, St. John of Damaskos and others. 414pp. Cloth d$30.00; Paper d$17.00

(PH3-) VOL. III: St. Theophanis the Monk, St. Peter of Damaskos, St. Symeon Metaphrastis, St. Philotheos of Sinai and St. Ilias the Presbyter 379pp. Cloth d$30.00; Paper d$17.00

(PRAC) THE PRACTICAL AND THEOLOGICAL CHAPTERS and THREE THEOLOGICAL DISCOURSES by St. Symeon the New Theologian, trans. by Paul McGuckin. The "Chapters" are spiritual instructions, while the "Discourses" are a defense of the Orthodox teaching of the Holy Trinity. A beautiful modern translation of some of St. Symeon's most important writings drawn from his own spiritual experiences. CIS 144pp. Paper d$11.00

(PRAK) THE PRAKTIKOS & CHAPTERS ON PRAYER by Evagrius Ponticus. Two practical treatises on spiritual life and prayer translated from the Greek. CIS 96 pp. Paper d$7.00

(RUSS) RUSSIAN LETTERS OF SPIRITUAL DIRECTION: 1834-1860 by Starets Macarius of Optino. After a long absence, this much sought after spiritual guide is back in print. Arranged by subject according to the verses of the Beatitudes.SVS 115pp. Paper d8.00

(SAY) THE SAYINGS OF THE DESERT FATHERS by Benedicta Ward. The complete "Alphabetical" collection of short sayings of the Desert Fathers in English. CIS 269pp. Paper d$13.00

(SCJ) THE SPIRITUAL COUNSELS OF FR. JOHN OF KRONSTADT, translated by W. Jardine Grisbrooke. Selections from MY LIFE IN CHRIST arranged by subject. SVS 230pp. Paper d$11.00

(SMJ) THE SPIRITUAL MEADOW OF JOHN MOSCHOS translated by John Wortley. Now available in English for the first time, this is another of the major Greek Paterika and perhaps the most remarkable of them for the great geographical area covered. John Moschos was a 6th century monk from Damascus who entered monasticism in the Holy Land, and traveled throughout the Christian east collecting lives of the holy monastics which have come down to us in this volume. A real treasure. CIS 219pp. Paper d$18.00

(PHIS) A SUPPLEMENT TO THE PHILOKALIA: The second century of Saint John of Karpathos translated by David Balfour. A Greek-English edition of the writings of St. John of Karpathos which have never been translated before. HC 150pp. Paper e$15.00

(SFP) THE SYRIAC FATHERS ON PRAYER AND THE SPIRITUAL LIFE translation and Introduction by Sebastian Brock. A beautiful rendition from the original Syriac of the teachings of these early fathers (4th to 8th centuries), both anonymous and known. Contains a subject index. CIS 381pp. Paper d$20.00

(WP) THE WAY OF A PILGRIM and THE PILGRIM CONTINUES HIS WAY translated by R. M. French. This delightful work describes the quest of a pious 19th century Russian peasant who attempts to learn the meaning of St. Paul's words, "Pray without ceasing." This quest leads him to the "Jesus Prayer" and the practice of it. The book tells of his travels and experiences along to the road to unceasing prayer. HR 242pp. Paper d$11.00

(WA) THE WAY OF THE ASCETICS by Tito Colliander. An excellent "pocket book" on living a truly Christian life in the world today. SVS 110pp. Cloth f$8.00 limited supply of cloth bound edition

(WCS) THE WISDOM OF THE CELTIC SAINTS by Edward C. Sellner. The stories and saying of the Celtic saints up to the 8th century, including brief information on their lives. A real treasure of wisdom akin to that of the Desert Fathers. AVE MARIA 207pp. Paper d$11.00

(WD) THE WISDOM OF THE DESERT FATHERS translated by Benedicta Ward. This is the "Anonymous Series," part of the Sayings of the Fathers or "Apophthegmata Patrum", arranged by subject. CIS 65pp. Paper f$9.00

(WRR) A WONDERFUL REVELATION TO THE WORLD: The conversation of St. Seraphim of Sarov with Nikolai Motovilov - NEW EDITION, revised and corrected from the Russian, and reprinted in a larger and easier to read format - on the purpose of Christian life. An excellent work! SNP 48pp. Paper a$3.00

(WDF) THE WORLD OF THE DESERT FATHERS translated by Columba Steward. Companion volume to THE WISDOM OF THE DESERT FATHERS, also from the "Anonymous Series" of the SAYINGS OF THE FATHERS, the stories and sayings are gathered in a general way containing much spiritual food for thought. CIS 46pp. Paper f$8.00

(WRP) WRITINGS FROM THE PHILOKALIA ON THE PRAYER OF THE HEART translated by Kadloubovsky and Palmer. Newly reissued in paperback, this volume of selections from THE PHILOKALIA has long been a favorite volume of spiritual readings. FF 420pp. Paper d$17.00


(AG) ANCHORED IN GOD by Constantine Cavarnos. An account of the life, art and thought on the Holy Mountain Athos. A charming book, well illustrated, containing a wealth of details on this center of Orthodox Monasticism. IBM 230pp. Illus. Paper d$9.50

(CASS) CONFERENCES by St. John Cassian. Selections from a wonderful work on the ideals of monasticism in the Egyptian and Syrian deserts of the fourth and fifth centuries by a great saint who brought Orthodox monasticism to the West. PAUL 208pp. Paper d$13.00

(ADM) A DEFENSE OF MONASTICISM by Metropolitan Anastassy (Khrapovitsky). A brief review of monasticism throughout the ages, written for the modern man to whom this type of life may be unintelligible. Very good introduction to the subject. HT 87pp Paper d$5.00

(DC) THE DESERT A CITY by Derwas J. Chitty. Newly reprinted, his classic introduction to the study of Egyptian and Palestinian monasticism through the 7th century contains the lives of many monastic saints. Very readable. SVS Illus. 222pp. Paper d$13.00

(HM) THE HOLY MOUNTAIN by Constantine Cavarnos. Two lectures on Mount Athos dealing with its scholars, missionaries, saints, and music and hymnographers. IBM 172pp. Illus. Paper d$8.00

(LE) THE LUMINOUS EYE: The Spiritual World Vision of St. Ephrem the Syrian by Sebastian Brock. An important study of the 4th century spiritual world of St. Ephrem, explaining its sources, symbols and theology. CIS 209pp. Paper d$16.00; Cloth d$26.00

(PAC1) PACHOMIAN KOINONIA, Vol. 1 The full lives of St. Pachomius from the Coptic and from the Greek, together with translations of fragments from several early manuscripts. CIS 493pp. Paper d$15.00

(PAC2) PACHOMIAN KOINONIA, Vol. 2 Contains the chronicles (letters and sayings) about St. Pachomius and the monastic rule of St. Pachomius. CIS 239pp. Paper d$15.00

(PAC3) PACHOMIAN KOINONIA, Vol. 3 Contains instructions, letters and other writings of St. Pachomius and his disciples. CIS 313pp. Paper d$15.00


(AHC) AKATHIST FOR HOLY COMMUNION Translated from the Slavonic. A brief service which may be used by the faithful in preparation for the reception of Holy Communion. HT 11pp. Paper e$1.00

(FM) THE FESTAL MENAION translated from the Greek by Mother Mary and Archimandrite (now Bishop) Kallistos Ware. A new printing of this valuable service book containing the services for the Great Feasts of the Saviour and Mother of God. Excellent Preface and Appendix material. TIK 564pp. Cloth d$22.00

(GC) THE GREAT CANON, The Work of St. Andrew of Crete The Great Canon of Repentance arranged as read in the Great Lent in four sections for the First Week, and complete with the Triodion Canons for Thursday of the Fifth Week. Also contains the complete Life of St. Mary of Egypt. HT 98pp. Paper d$5.00

(HWP) HOLY WEEK AND EASTER An excellent book for the worshipper to follow the Holy Week services with compunction and understanding. Greek and English on opposite pages. Contains the complete services for Matins of Holy Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Holy Unction, and all services from Holy Thursday through the Agape Vespers. PAP 1002pp. Vinyl f$18.00

(LAM) THE LAMENTATIONS of Matins of Holy and Great Saturday Translated from the Greek by Holy Transfiguration Monastery. Contains the full text of the Lamentations with the interspersed verses of Psalm 118, and the "Homily on the Burial of our Lord and His Descent into Hades, by St. Epiphanius, Bishop of Cyprus. SPECIAL LIMITED PRINTING in red and black. HTM 58pp. Paper f$5.00

(LT) THE LENTEN TRIODION Translated from the original Greek by Mother Mary and Archimandrite Kallistos Ware. Contains complete services for all Sundays of the Triodion, the complete first week of Great Lent, Thursday of the Great Canon of St. Andrew, the Laudation of the Theotokos, Lazarus Saturday and Great and Holy Week. FF 699pp. Cloth d$26.00

(LITG) LITURGIKON: The Book of Divine Services for the Priest and Deacon. Handsomely printed in black and red, this volume was compiled using various Greek and Arabic liturgical, hieratica and horologia, and has linguistically attractive translations from the original Greek text. Long needed in English, this volume is a must for all clergy. Superior to any other editions. Contains detailed rubrics and variations for the liturgies of St. John, St. Basil and St. Gregory, preparatory prayers, daily cycle of services, and many special services. Sturdy gold-stamped cloth binding. ANT 528pp. e$60.00

(OPB) OLD ORTHODOX PRAYER BOOK The "Pre-Nikonian" prayer book with morning, evening and daily prayers; selections from Vespers, Matins, Hours and Divine Liturgy; pre- and post-Communion prayers; canons to the Lord Jesus Christ, Mother of God, and more. Slavonic and English on facing pages. Deluxe edition in red and black print. NAT 758pp. Leather e$22.50

(PEN) THE PENTECOSTARION The complete Pentecostarion, translated from the Greek by Holy Transfiguration Monastery. Contains all daily and Sunday services from Pascha through the Sunday of All Saints. Translation is made to facilitate chanting to Byzantine Chant. Deluxe cloth edition printed in red and black on acid free paper with a sturdy library binding and large 7-1/2 x 10 in. format. HTM 492pp. LIMITED PRINTING f$48.00

(PPB) POCKET PRAYER BOOK FOR ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS This popular little prayer book, first published in 1956, has a selection various prayers for many occasions, as well as the complete Divine Liturgy in English. ANT 126pp. Paper e$3.50

(PB) PRAYER BOOK The popular prayer book published by Holy Trinity Monastery, Jordanville, containing morning and evening prayers, Communion prayers, selected canons, akathists, The Divine Liturgy, excerpts from Vespers and Matins and more. HT 368pp. Cloth d$15.00

(PBB) A PRAYER BOOK FOR ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS Translated from the Greek and published by Holy Transfiguration Monastery, Boston, this is a valuable addition to the English-speaking Orthodox world. Contains daily prayers, the complete services of Vespers, Little Compline, Matins, Divine Liturgy, Small and Great Paraklesis to the Mother of God, Canons to the Saviour, Mother of God and Guardian Angel, Dismissal Hymns (Troparia) and Kontakia from the Triodion, Pentecostarion and Great Feasts, and more. HTM 382pp. Cloth f$12.00

(PCM) PRAYERS AT MEAL TIME A folded card with the prayers used before and after meals. NICH/SNP c$.35

(PCH) PRAYERS FOR HOLY COMMUNION A handy, pocket-size collection of prayers, canons and akathists used in preparing oneself for Holy Communion. Also contains the Service of Little Compline. Translated from the Greek by Holy Transfiguration Monastery. HTM 120pp. Paper f$3.00

(PFP) PRAYERS FOR PURITY translated from the Greek. A small book containing prayers from the Euchologion (Book of Needs) for those suffering from carnal temptations. GAV 42pp. Paper TEMPORARILY OUT OF PRINT

(SBH) SELECTED BYZANTINE HYMNS According to the Tradition of the Great Church of Christ, Revised Edition. Prepared by Holy Transfiguration Monastery. Contains selections from Vespers, Great Lent, Holy Week, and Pascha. Music transcribed into western notation with text in English. HTM 81pp. Comb f$10.00 (NOTE: Cassette tapes, p. 27)

(SB) SERVICE BOOK OF THE ORTHODOX CHURCH translated by Isabel Hapgood. The classic English translation of Orthodox services. Contains daily cycle of services, Divine Liturgy, some of the Great Feasts, and many services from the Book of Needs such as ordinations, burials, wedding, baptism, and more. ANT 616pp. Cloth e$18.00

(AKA) THE SERVICE OF THE AKATHIST HYMN, The Salutations to the Most Holy Theotokos Translated from the Greek by Holy Transfiguration Monastery, this compact book contains the complete services to the Theotokos according to the Greek typikon for the Friday evenings of Great Lent. The first section is arranged for the first four weeks, the second section for the fifth week (complete Akathist interspersed with Canon Odes), and the third section contains the complete music in western notation Byzantine Chant. Companion edition to THE LAMENTATIONS, printed in red and black on acid-free paper. HTM 116pp. Paper f$8.00

(SJA) THE SERVICE OF THE SUPPLICATORY CANON TO SAINTS JOACHIM AND ANNA, THE ANCESTORS OF GOD Translated by Holy Transfiguration Monastery. This canon is chanted especially by those who desire to have children. NICH/SNP 24pp. Paper c$2.50

(XENS) SERVICE TO OUR BLESSED IN CHRIST SAINT XENIA, Homeless Wanderer of St. Petersburg, reprinted from The Orthodox Word. Contains also a condensed version of her life from several sources. XEN 48pp. Paper e$4.00

(SCA) SUPPLICATORY CANON TO ST. ANASTASIA THE DELIVERER FROM POTIONS A canon written especially to ask aid for those suffering from the temptation of drugs, alcohol and other substances so prevalent today. Contains a short life of St. Anastasia. Written to Greek metre. SNP 30pp. Paper b$3.00

(SMG) SUPPLICATORY CANONS TO THE MOST HOLY MOTHER OF GOD (PARAKLESES) Translated by Holy Transfiguration Monastery to be chanted to Greek metre, this book contains both the Small and Great Canons - the latter for the first time in English - completely set to music in western notation. Complete service in English. SNP DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED.

(PSN) SUPPLICATORY CANON TO ST. NECTARIOS OF PENTAPOLIS Translated by Holy Transfiguration Monastery. Complete service in English. SNP 26pp. Paper b$2.50

(VW) VOICES IN THE WILDERNESS: An Anthology of Patristic Prayers edited and translated from the Greek by Nikolaos S. Hatzinikolaou. A collection of prayers by saints from the third to 20th century, including many by St. John Chrysostom and St. Basil the Great as well as lesser known ones by Amma Sarrah, St. Nikon the Metanoeite, St. Gregory Palamas, St. Philotheos of Constantinople and others. Contains an icon of each saint (usually from a fresco or mosaic), their dismissal hymn, and a brief biographical sketch. There is also a helpful subject and scriptural index. Translations are in modern English. HCOP 238pp. Cloth e$16.00


(TYP) ABRIDGED TYPICON edited by Fr. Feodor Kovalchuk. The "order" of services according to usage in the Russian Orthodox Church, this volume gives guidelines on the many and various aspects of Orthodox worship, such as bell ringing, censing, as well as listing the various prokeimena and alleluia verses, and more. ST. TIKHON 248pp. Cloth e$15.00

(BH) BYZANTINE HYMNOGRAPHY and BYZANTINE CHANT by Dimitri Conomos. Two lectures by one of the foremost Byzantine musicologists in the world on the form and musical tradition of the Church's hymnody. HCOP 50pp. Paper d$6.00

(CDL) A COMMENTARY ON THE DIVINE LITURGY by Nicholas Cabasilas, translated by Hussey and McNulty. The classic interpretation of the Divine Liturgy by one of the last theologians of the Byzantine Empire. An invaluable aid in understanding the meaning of the Liturgy. SPCK(SVS) 120pp. Paper d$10.00

(EUC) THE EUCHARIST, by Daniel J. Sheerin. A series of selections from the writings of the Fathers of the Church on the subject of the Liturgy. Arranged thematically, it covers such areas as catechetical instruction, biblical texts related to the Eucharist, doctrinal issues, prayers, hymnody, pagan attacks, and the frequency of communion. An invaluable source of information on the mind of the early Church regarding Holy Communion. GLAZ 198pp. Paper d$16.00; Cloth d$20.00

(EW) EVENING WORSHIP IN THE ORTHODOX CHURCH by Nicholas Uspensky. A translation from the Russian of a historical-liturgical study of the services of Vespers and the Presanctified Liturgy. Very enlightening. SVS 180pp. Paper d$12.00

(GL) GREAT LENT: Journey to Pascha by Alexander Schmemann. Short explanations of Great Lent based upon Scriptures, parables and themes found in the liturgical services of the Church, this is an excellent addition to any Orthodox library. SVS 140pp. Paper d$9.00

(GW) GREAT WEEK AND PASCHA IN THE GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH by Fr. Alkiviadis C. Calivas. A unique study on the development of our present Holy Week and Pascha services. Written with deep respect for the tradition of the Church and with obvious love of the Church's services. Clergy and laity will find this a storehouse of information and inspiration. This is a MUST for your library. HCP 145pp. Paper d$16.00

(GM) A GUIDE TO THE MUSIC OF THE EASTERN ORTHODOX CHURCH by N. Lungu et al. A translation from the Romanian of THE GRAMMAR OF THE PSALTIC MUSIC OF THE CHURCH: A Comparative Study with Linear Music and Orthography of Psaltic Music. An excellent text on Byzantine Music with clear explanations and a multitude of examples with the equivalent (approximate) western notation. HCOP 168p. Paper d$15.00

(LMT) THE LITURGICAL AND MYSTICAL THEOLOGY OF NICOLAS CABASILAS by Constantine N. Tsirpanlis. The Master's Thesis of Dr. Tsirpanlis which provides a comprehensive and well-documented study of A COMMENTARY ON THE DIVINE LITURGY (see catalog, p. 14) and THE LIFE IN CHRIST by the noted Byzantine theologian. Excellent bibliography. KEN 97pp. Comb e$12.00

(RCS) RUSSIAN CHURCH SINGING, Vol. 1: Orthodox Worship and Hymnography by Johann von Gardner. A translation into English of a major work on Russian liturgical singing, its essence, structure and history. SVS 146pp. Paper d$11.00

(TP) A TREATISE ON PRAYER: An Explanation of the Services Conducted in the Orthodox Church by Simeon of Thessalonike. A valuable study, by a 15th century liturgist, of the meaning and significance of elements of Orthodox services. HCOP 104pp. Paper d$8.00


(BSA) BYZANTINE SACRED ART, 2nd Edition, compiled and translated by Constantine Cavarnos. Selected writings of the noted iconographer Photios Kontoglou on traditional Orthodox iconography. The revised edition is enlarged. IBM 170pp. Paper d$8.50

(EOI) THE ESSENCE OF ORTHODOX ICONOGRAPHY by Constantine Kalokyris. One of the finest treatises in English on all aspects of Orthodox iconography. HCOP 126pp. 38 plates Paper d$10.00

(GBI) GUIDE TO BYZANTINE ICONOGRAPHY, V. 1 by Constantine Cavarnos. A detailed explanation of the characteristics of Byzantine iconography. This first volume treats the chief doctrinal, liturgical and festal icons with great insight. Numerous illustrations, including frescoes, mosaics and panel icons from various times. An appendix contains the defense of the holy icons by St. John Damascene. HTM 277pp Paper f$18.00

(IMG) THE IMAGE OF GOD THE FATHER IN ORTHODOX ICONOGRAPHY AND OTHER ESSAYS by Fr. Steven Bigham. A valuable contribution to the issue of depicting God the Father in iconography. Points out the Church's tradition and decisions. OAK 200pp Paper d$11.00

(IIP) THE ICON: IMAGE OF THE INVISIBLE by Egon Sendler. This book examines the icon, the Orthodox sacred imagery which emphasizes the spiritual world. It looks at the icon from the technical aspect of its creation, and the icon's language, religious vision, theories of geometric and bodily proportions, color and light. Possibly the best technical explanation of icons in English. Contains 36 color and 66 b & w illustrations, and 25 line drawings. OAK 288pp. Paper d$23.00

(IW) THE ICON: Window on the Kingdom by Michael Quenot. Translated from the French, this comprehensive volume contains a history of the foundations and place of icons in the Church, commentaries on the Festal icons, the "canons" and composition of icons, analysis and theology of icons, and much more. Contains 33 color and 32 black and white illustrations. An excellent introduction to iconography. SVS 176pp. Paper d$17.00

(IPB) AN ICONOGRAPHER'S PATTERN BOOK; Illustrated in the Stroganov Tradition translated by Fr. Christopher Kelley. Contains over 450 drawings of saints, Feast Days and Council of the Orthodox Church to be used as prototypes for iconographers. The "headnotes" from the ancient Stroganov pattern book contain color descriptions and notes on features, etc., with comparisons to Novgorod calendar icons. Large format. OAK pp. Paper d$35.00

(MI-) THE MEANING OF ICONS by Ouspensky and Lossky. A new edition of the classic work on Orthodox iconography dealing with the technique, interpretation and language of the icon within the context of theology and faith. Lavishly illustrated with more than four times the color plates found in the original edition. SVS 224pp. Cloth d$50.00; Paper d$40.00

(ORIP) ORTHODOX ICONOGRAPHY Constantine Cavarnos. Four essays on the history. function, theory and aesthetics of Orthodox iconography. An appendix contains early Christian texts on icons, explanations of the techniques of iconography and a discussion of two Russian books on icons. IBM 76pp. 24 plates Paper d$6.00

(PMD) PAINTER'S MANUAL of Dionysius of Fourna translated by Paul Heatherington. A classic reference book for iconographers - meant to be a "repository for all the information necessary for a Byzantine artist to practice his profession." Has details on how various saints and feasts are to be portrayed. OAK 128pp. Paper d$15.00

(SEI) THE SUBJECTS OF EARLY RUSSIAN ICONS by A. Kostova. A beautiful purse-size book of nearly 200 full color illustrations of early Russian icons with brief descriptions. Imported from Russia. 223pp. Cloth e$11.00.

(TI-) THE TECHNIQUE OF ICON PAINTING by Guillem Ramos-Poqui. An excellent manual on painting of icons from preparation of the boards to varnishing and mounting the finished work. Contains section on oil and water gilding, egg tempera, as well as perspective, geometry and proportion. Fully illustrated with color icons and line drawings. Large format. MOR 80pp. Cloth: d$30.00; Paper: e$18.00

(TI-) THE THEOLOGY OF THE ICON by Leonid Ouspensky, Volumes I and II, translated by Anthony Gythiel. A most comprehensive introduction to mystery and development of the sacred art of Iconography, and a standard text upon which many later studies were based. Volume I has been out of print for several years, and is now available with Volume II. SVS Paper Vol. I: 194pp. 23 b/w plates d$13.00; Vol. II: 528pp. 25 b/w plates, and fold-out panel; 6 full-color plates. d$15.00; Set: d$26.00

(OI?) WHAT ORTHODOX ICONOGRAPHY IS by Photios Kontoglou. An excellent article by the noted Greek iconographer, translated from the Greek. A concise explanation of the mystical and theological basis of icons vs. western religious paintings. SNP 8pp. Paper b$.25


FOR CHILDREN'S BIBLES, see p. 22; CASSETTES see p. 28. Please request our special SOFTWARE CATALOG for Bible software in English and Greek.

(BIB) BIBLE: The New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha, Expanded Edition, edited by May & Metzger. This bible in the Revised Standard Version, contains all of the Books of the Old and New Testament and Deuterocanonical Books (Apocrypha) approved by the Orthodox Church (Orthodox were on the commission which prepared this edition). It also contains notes, cross references, 28 pages of maps and is fully indexed. OXFORD 1984 pp. Cloth $40.00 Our Price $35.00e

(ESP) THE EPISTLES OF ST. PAUL An exquisite new gift edition of the Epistles of St. Paul with deluxe gold stamped cloth covers and ribbon marker. Throughout the volume are hundreds of full-color reproductions of Byzantine icons, mosaics, frescoes and illuminated manuscript illustrations. HOLT 288pp. d$25.00

(ILG) THE ILLUMINATED GOSPEL OF ST. MATTHEW, calligraphy and icons by Vladislav Andrejev. The King James version, hand lettered, with 35 full-color icons in large format. An exquisite gift book bound in gold-stamped red cloth with a satin binding. OAK 115pp. d$50.00

(IKJV) INTERLINEAR KJV. PARALLEL NEW TESTAMENT IN GREEK AND ENGLISH. Contains the King James Version of the New Testament in the right hand column. The original Greek text is on the left with an exact translation underneath the Greek text. Includes a Greek-English lexicon and a listing of New Testament synonyms. HR 670pp. d$35.00

(PSA) THE PSALTER Translated by Holy Transfiguration Monastery, with instructions and Kathisma divisions for liturgical use. Contains also the Old Testament Canticles and the prayer for the reposed. HTM 298pp. Cloth f18.00

(SEP) THE SEPTUAGINT WITH APOCRYPHA, GREEK-ENGLISH. Sir Lancelot Brendon. The only edition of the Orthodox Old Testament available in English. Greek and English in parallel columns. HEND 1480pp. d$45.00


(BHF) THE BIBLE AND THE HOLY FATHERS FOR ORTHODOX compiled by Johanna Manley. An invaluable volume for all, and wonderful companion to THE PROLOGUE FROM OCHRID, this large volume contains the complete Gospel and Epistle texts for the entire year, arranged as used by the Orthodox Church, together with selected Old Testament readings for major feasts and Lenten periods. Supplementing each text are short commentaries from the Holy Fathers and some contemporary Orthodox theologians. The extensive indices, bibliography and appendices allow one to locate the reading for any fixed or movable feast or commemoration, as well as a listing of readings, commentaries and sources by subject. Printed on acid-free paper in a sturdy library binding. MB 1134pp. Cloth d$45.00

(ACTS) COMMENTARY ON THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES by the Venerable Bede, translated by Lawrence T. Martin. As with THE COMMENTARY ON THE SEVEN CATHOLIC EPISTLES, the clear and simple words of Bede are a delight to read. Also contains a scriptural index. CIS 214pp. Paper d$15.00

(CG) COMMENTARY ON THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO SAINT LUKE by St. Cyril of Alexandria. 139 Sermons from the great 5th century Father, with complete scriptural references. Deluxe edition printed in red and black. STUD/SNP 640pp. Cloth b$35.00

(BEDE) COMMENTARY ON THE SEVEN CATHOLIC EPISTLES of Bede the Venerable, trans. by David Hurst. This 8th Century commentary on the Epistles of the Apostles James, Peter, John and Jude is a valuable addition to biblical studies. Written in a clear and simple style, it is a delight to read. CIS 253pp. Paper d$11.00

(REA) DAILY READINGS FROM THE WRITINGS OF ST. JOHN CHRYSOSTOM edited by Anthony M. Coniaris. A selection of 227 excerpts from the commentaries of one of the great Fathers of the Church, ideal for daily devotions. Covering a multitude of subjects, these short "pearls" are a great source of inspiration as well as instruction. L&L 134pp. Paper d$9.00

EXPLANATION BY BLESSED THEOPHYLACT OF THE HOLY GOSPELS. Written about 1100 A.D. by the Archbishop of Ochrid and Bulgaria, this has been a classic and beloved series of commentaries for all Orthodox, and is now available in English for the first time. In four volumes. CP Paper: d$12.00; Cloth: d$22.00 each volume

(EGM) ST. MATTHEW (Vol. 1): 270pp.

(EGK) ST. MARK (Vol. 2) 144pp.

(EGL) ST. LUKE (Vol. 3) Available early 1995

(EGJ) ST. JOHN (Vol. 4) Date to be announced

(FGH) FORTY GOSPEL HOMILIES by St. Gregory the Great, trans. by Dom Daniel Hurst. A selection of homilies on various Gospel texts now in English for the first time. A wonderful addition to the commentaries by early Fathers of the Church. CIS 387pp. Paper d$16.00

(GG) GRACE FOR GRACE: The Psalter and the Holy Fathers compiled and edited by Johanna Manley. An anthology of commentaries on the Psalter and meditations relating to the Psalms and scriptural Odes by the Church Fathers and Bishop Nikolai Velimirovich. Numerous illustrations from 11th and 12th century Greek Psalters and a 15th century Serbian Psalter. Informative and extensive indices and appendices. Uses Septuagint version translated by Holy Transfiguration Monastery. Companion volume to THE BIBLE AND THE HOLY FATHERS. Acid-free paper. MB 764pp. Cloth d$32.00

(EZE) HOMILIES OF ST. GREGORY THE GREAT ON THE BOOK OF THE PROPHET EZEKIEL translated by Theodosia Grey. The first English translation of the sermons of St. Gregory the Dialogist, Pope of Rome delivered in 593, during very turbulent times. Having experienced wars, plagues, invasions, floods as well as spiritual threats to the Church, St. Gregory believed that the end was near and used these sermons to prepare his flock. Very timely reading for today! CTOS 307pp. Paper e$13.00

(CG1) HOMILIES ON THE GOSPELS, BOOK ONE by the Venerable Bede, trans. by Lawrence T. Martin and David Hurst. A collection of sermons for some Sundays and Feast Days from Advent to Great Lent. Companion volume to Bede's COMMENTARY ON THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES and THE SEVEN CATHOLIC EPISTLES. CIS 252pp. Paper d$14.00

(CG2) HOMILIES ON THE GOSPELS, BOOK TWO by the Venerable Bede. Companion volume to Book One above, covering the period of Great Lent through September. CIS 290pp. Paper d$14.00

(LAME) THE LAMENT OF EVE by Johanna Manley. Based upon the commentaries by early Church Fathers on the first five chapters of Genesis, this compunctionate lament by our ancestress Eve provides insights on the creation, the image and likeness of God, the tree of life, the fall and expulsion from Paradise, God's love and more... The Epilogue develops themes of love, hope, salvation, restoration through Christ. Complete index and Bibliography for further reading. 154pp. Paper d$10.00


(AT) THE APOSTOLIC TRADITION of St. Hyppolytus of Rome translated from the Greek by Gregory Dix and edited by Gregory Dix and Henry Chadwick. This treatise from the early third century provides some of the earliest teachings on church life and order which have come down to us. It is divided into three sections: Part I. Of the Clergy; Part II. Of the Laity and Part III. Church Observances. Contains an extensive historical introduction and discussion of texts, and copious notes. MOR 90pp. Paper e$13.00

(BI) BAPTISMAL INSTRUCTIONS by St. John Chrysostom. Twelve instructions to catechumens given by the great Father and Archbishop of Constantinople. Valuable reading for all. ACW Vol. 31. PAUL 375pp. Cloth d$23.00

(PSE) THE COMPLETE WORKS, PSEUDO-DIONYSIUS St. Dionysius the Areopagite, whom the Orthodox consider to be the true author of these writings, was one of the 70 Apostles. The writings included in this volume, THE DIVINE NAMES, THE MYSTICAL THEOLOGY, THE CELESTIAL HIERARCHY, THE ECCLESIASTICAL HIERARCHY and several LETTERS, were only partially available in English before and are basic to the theology of the Church. PAUL 336pp. Paper d$17.00

DRD) DAILY READINGS WITH THE DESERT FATHERS Excerpts from the writings of the Desert Fathers (THE PARADISE) suitable for daily reading in a convenient, compact volume, easily carried in pocket or purse. TEM 96pp. Paper d$5.00

(DRI) DAILY READINGS WITH ST. ISAAC OF SYRIA Excerpts from the spiritual writings of St. Isaac in a convenient, compact volume, easily carried in pocket or purse. TEM 96pp. Paper d$5.00

(DR) DEATH AND RESURRECTION by Joanne E. McWilliam Dewart. Selections from the Apostolic and post-Apostolic (through 4th c.) teachings of Sts. Clement, Ignatius, Justin, Irenaeus and others. An interesting Orthodox interpretation of the writings of Augustine on the Resurrection is included. GLAD 198pp. Paper d$12.00

(DID) THE DIDACHE, THE EPISTLE OF BARNABAS, THE EPISTLES AND MARTYRDOM OF ST. POLYCARP, THE FRAGMENTS OF PAPIAS and THE EPISTLE TO DIOGNETUS Some of the earliest writings existent in the Church. The Didache, or teachings of the 12 Apostles are catechetical instructions. A valuable introduction to Christian writings. ACW Vol. 6 PAUL 235pp. Cloth d$17.00

(DP) DISPUTATION WITH PYRRHUS OF OUR FATHER AMONG THE SAINTS MAXIMUS THE CONFESSOR, trans. by Joseph P. Farrell. The only English translation of this major dispute over whether our Lord had one will or two. A valuable work. ST. TIKHON 74pp. Paper d$10.00

(EFW) THE EARLY FATHERS ON WAR AND MILITARY SERVICE by Louis J. Swift. A collection of writings from the early Church on a subject which can be controversial today. Divided into the periods before and after St. Constantine and the establishment of Christianity in the Byzantine/Roman Empire. GLAZ 164pp. Paper d$13.00

(EPIS) EPISTLES OF ST. CLEMENT OF ROME AND ST. IGNATIUS OF ANTIOCH St. Clement's Epistle to the Corinthians, written "from the Church of Rome" by its bishop, speaks to a schism created in Corinth by "jealousy and envy." It is a model pastoral letter. The Epistles of St. Ignatius of Antioch are a series of beautiful and instructive letters to the six Christian communities, and to St. Polycarp, written by the saint as he was being taken under guard from Antioch to his martyrdom in Rome. An important volume of Apostolic writings. ACW Vol. 1 PAUL 162pp. Cloth d$15.00

(FS) THE FATHERS SPEAK Selected letters and life-records translated from the Greek by Georges A. Barrios. An Anthology of texts from the personal correspondence between Saints Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian and Gregory of Nyssa. A valuable addition to an understanding of the lives and thought of these great Fathers of the Church. HCOP 235pp. Paper d$11.00

(HYM) HYMNS by St. Ephraim the Syrian, translated by Kathleen E. McVey. A staunch defender of the Faith and prolific writer of the 4th Century, St. Ephraim was best known for his poetic Hymns. This new translation contains Hymns on the Nativity, Hymns Against Julian, and the Hymns on Virginity and the Symbols of the Lord. PAUL 474pp. Paper d$18.00

(HOP) HYMNS ON PARADISE by St. Ephraim the Syrian, translation and commentary by Sebastian Brock. Centered on chapters 2 and 3 of Genesis, the 15 Hymns on Paradise express St. Ephraim's awareness of the sacramental character of the created world and the potential of creation to reveal the Creator. His theological vision is expressed in a fresh and clearly understood way. SVS 240pp. Paper d$10.00

(DEF) IN DEFENSE OF THE FAITH: The Theology of Patriarch Nikephoros of Constantinople by John Travis. A study of the Patriarch (758-828) who defended icons during the iconoclastic controversy. This defense went on to examine all the major teachings of the Orthodox Faith, providing a systematic study of Orthodox theology. HCOP 208pp. Paper d$13.00

(LC) IN THE LIGHT OF CHRIST ST. SYMEON THE NEW THEOLOGIAN: Life, Spirituality, Doctrine by Archbishop Basil Krivocheine, translated by Anthony P. Gythiel. A definitive work on this great Byzantine mystic of the 9-10th century, whose writings were the foundation of all later Byzantine mysticism. A valuable work. SVS 411pp. Paper d$16.00

(LUC) THE LAPSED and THE UNITY OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH by St. Cyprian. Third century addresses by the Bishop of Carthage given after the fierce persecution of Decius, at a time when the Church was facing several heresies. ACW Vol. 25 PAUL 133pp. Cloth d$13.00

(LSA) THE LIFE OF SAINT ANTHONY and THE LETTER TO MARCELLINUS by St. Athanasius the Great. A modern translation of the life of St. Anthony the Great together with an interpretation of the Psalms written to the Deacon Marcellinus. PAUL 166pp. Paper d$13.00

(LP) THE LORD'S PRAYER and THE BEATITUDES by St. Gregory of Nyssa. Beautiful interpretive sermons by a great Father of the Church on these two gifts of our Saviour to the Church. ACW Vol. 18 PAUL 210pp. Cloth d$17.00

(MYS) MYSTAGOGY: The Mystical Teaching on the Holy Spirit by St. Photios the Great. A complete and profound treatise on the subject of the Holy Spirit, the filioque and the Holy Spirit. Contains the Life of St. Photios and the 13th C. Synodicon on the Holy Spirit. Deluxe edition. STUD/SNP 224pp. Cloth b$20.00

(OAL) ON ASCETICAL LIFE by St. Isaac of Nineveh ("The Syrian"), translated by Mary Hansbury. The first six of St. Isaac's Spiritual Homilies (see catalog for complete work) on monastic life, spiritual growth and union with God, describing the path through the way of the body, the way of the soul and the way of the spirit. SVS 116pp. Paper d$8.00

(OCS) ON THE CHRISTIAN SACRAMENTS by St. Cyril of Jerusalem. The six catechetical lectures of St. Cyril which are a rich source of information on Baptism, Chrismation and the Eucharist. SVS 83pp. Paper TEMPORARILY OUT OF PRINT

(ODI) ON THE DIVINE IMAGES by St. John of Damascus. Three treatises "Against Those Who Attack the Divine Images" written in response to the iconoclastic heresy of the 8th cent. SVS 106pp. Paper d$8.00

(ODL) ON THE DIVINE LITURGY by St. Germanus of Constantinople. An eighth-century commentary on the Divine Liturgy by a patriarch of Constantinople which was well-known (even included in the first printed edition of the Liturgy) and widely distributed up to the 14th century under the title "Ecclesiastical History and Mystical Contemplation." Explains not only portions of and implements used in the Divine Liturgy, but also various customs associated with it. SVS 107pp. Paper d$8.00

(OHI) ON THE HOLY ICONS by St. Theodore the Studite. A great defender of the Orthodox Faith presents 3 refutations to the Iconoclasts. SVS 115pp. Paper d$8.00

(OHS) ON THE HOLY SPIRIT by St. Basil the Great. A classic exposition of the teaching on the nature of the divine Persons of the Trinity. SVS 118pp. Paper d$8.00

(OI) ON THE INCARNATION by St. Athanasius the Great. The famous fourth century treatise on the Incarnation of our Saviour written in classical simplicity. SVS 120pp. Paper d$8.00

(OMF) ON MARRIAGE AND FAMILY LIFE by St. John Chrysostom. Selections from the homilies and commentaries on the scriptures concerning marriage, family life and the relations of family members. SVS 114pp. Paper d$8.00

(OP) ON THE PRIESTHOOD by St. John Chrysostom. Six discussions on the nature of the priesthood and those called to it. A masterpiece of theology. SVS 160pp. Paper d$8.00

(OSR) ON THE SOUL AND THE RESURRECTION by St. Gregory of Nyssa. The "dialogue" of St. Gregory and his sister St. Macrina on the resurrection. Clearly presented in modern English. SVS 126pp. Paper d$8.00

(OWP) ON WEALTH AND POVERTY by St. John Chrysostom. Six sermons on the parable of the rich man and Lazarus - just as applicable today as when first delivered. Excellent reading. SVS 140pp. Paper d$8.00

(OWK) THE ONE WHO KNOWS GOD A collection of the writings of Clement of Alexandria, a 2nd century church writer, newly translated into contemporary, readable English. Among the subjects are the proper use of wealth, repentance, love, holiness, the importance of Scripture, the Christian view of lawsuits, women of wisdom, and much more. SCROLL 144pp. Paper d$7.00

(PAS) PASTORAL CARE by St. Gregory the Great. Like St. John Chrysostom, St. Gregory the Great was ordained bishop (of Rome) against his wishes. Like St. John, St. Gregory wrote this treatise as an apology for his desire to escape ordination. PASTORAL CARE has been called "medicine for the soul" and a book which "opens the eyes of the mind to the stability of life eternal" by his contemporaries, and is the priest's guide - just as the rules of St. Basil and St. Benedict were guides for monks. ACW Vol. 11 PAUL 281pp. Cloth d$20.00

(PP) THE PATRIARCH AND THE PRINCE: The Letter of Patriarch Photios of Constantinople to Khan Boris of Bulgaria by Despina S. White and Joseph R. Berrigan, Jr. An interesting study which illuminates further the personality of St. Photios the Great. HCOP 102pp. Paper e$5.00

(PRF) PROOF OF THE APOSTOLIC PREACHING by St. Irenaeus of Lyon. Presbyter and later Bishop of Lyon in the 2nd century, St. Irenaeus composed this work which is an "exposition" of the apostolic teachings on God and His creatures, the history of redemption, and Christ in the Old and New Testaments. A very important catechetical writing. ACW Vol. 16 PAUL 233pp. Cloth d$17.00

(SP) SELECTED POEMS by St. Gregory Nazianzen, translated by J. A. McGuckin. A selection of twenty poems by one of the most articulate theologians of the fourth century, written during the last years of his life. CIS 24pp. Paper TEMPORARILY OUT OF PRINT

(MAX-) SELECTED WRITINGS: ST. MAXIMUS THE CONFESSOR Translated by George C. Berthold. Contains The Trial of Maximus, the Four Hundred Chapters on Love, Commentary on the Our Father, Chapters on Knowledge, and The Church's Mystagogy (the latter on the symbolism of various parts of the Divine Liturgy. Excellent volume! PAUL 240pp. Cloth d$19.00; Paper d$16.00

(SSP) STORIES, SERMONS AND PRAYERS OF ST. NEPHON: AN ASCETIC BISHOP trans. by Jeannie Gentithes & Archim. Ignatios Apostolopoulos. A recently discovered work of a 4th century saint who lived in a city, yet reached the spiritual heights of those who had withdrawn into monasteries or the desert. A wonderfully uplifting collection. L&L 151pp. Paper d$10.00

(TRI-) THE TRIADS by St. Gregory Palamas. Selections from his treatise, "The Triads in Defense of the Holy Hesychasts," a response to western scholastics and a theological foundation for hesychasm. PAUL 172pp. Paper d$15.00 Cloth d$18.00

(WDS) WE DON'T SPEAK GREAT THINGS - WE LIVE THEM A contemporary rendition of two early Christian works: FIRST APOLOGY by St. Justin Martyr, and OCTAVIUS by Mark Felix. St. Justin's Apology is one of the oldest in existence, describing early worship and baptism services, and the teachings of the early Church. OCTAVIUS describes a lively debate between a pagan and a second century Christian on the Christian Faith. Both are valuable documents for understanding the Church. SCROLL 160pp. Paper d$7.00

(WKS) THE WORKS OF ST. PATRICK and ST. SECUNDINUS, HYMN ON ST. PATRICK trans. by Ludwig Bieler. Writings by two early fifth century western saints, including letters and sayings of St. Patrick, Canons of a local church council, Patrick's Hymn, known as Lorica, and the Hymn on St. Patrick written by his contemporary, St. Secundinus. Excellent early Christian writings. ACW Vol. 17 PAUL 119pp. Cloth d$12.00


(CF) CREATION AND FALL by Rev. L. Puhalo. A timely and excellent treatise, based on patristic sources, of portions of the Book of Genesis. Annotated. SYN 36pp. Paper d$3.50

(RED) THE DOGMA OF REDEMPTION by Metropolitan Antony Khrapovitsky. An excellent treatise on the mystical and moral aspect of the teachings of the Church Fathers on redemption. MP 62pp. Paper e$4.00

(TEA) THE TEACHINGS OF THE ORTHODOX CHURCH, Vol. 1 by Rev. Michael Azkoul. A much needed work covering an introduction to Orthodox doctrine, including chapters on the Trinity, the Creation, the Economy of Old Israel, and Jesus the Christ. Contains in the Appendix an treatise on Augustine of Hippo, as well as an excellent glossary of terms and an index. Written in a simpler style than his other works. DOR/APOS 256pp. Cloth e$15.75

(WC) WHY CHRISTIANITY by Rev. Michael Azkoul. Fr. Michael answers the questions "Why should I be a Christian? What's so special about Christianity? Which among the many Christian denominations should I choose?" This thought-provoking booklet answers these and many more searcher's questions. Revised from the serialized version which appeared in The Orthodox Christian Witness. SNP 34pp. Paper a$2.50

(WC) WHY ORTHODOXY? by Rev. Michael Azkoul. A continuation of the above. SNP DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED.


(AFU) AGAINST FALSE UNION by Alexandre Kalomiros. An excellent treatise on the prime danger facing the Orthodox Church today, Ecumenism, written by a pious Greek layman. Revised Appendix. SNP 170pp. Paper b$7.50

(BU) THE BALAMAND UNION An analysis of the sad concord (reunion) signed by the official Orthodox Patriarchates and the Vatican in October 1993. This is like the Council of Florence revisited without a St. Mark of Ephesus as an Orthodox respondent. Every concerned Orthodox should read this! CTOS 32pp. f$2.00

(BC) THE BRIDE OF CHRIST by Chrysostomos Stratman. An excellent treatise on the Holy Orthodox Faith, the mystical Body of Christ. OCE 24pp. Paper e$1.75

(CC) CHRISTIANITY OR THE CHURCH? by New Martyr Bishop Ilarion. An exceptionally fine exposition, written as an 'apology' for those in the West who do not understand the nature of the Church. Once again available after being out-of-print for several years. HT 48pp. Paper d$2.00

(C1) THE CHURCH IS ONE by Alexei S. Khomiakov. An excellent essay on the nature and faith of the Orthodox Church. SNP 48pp. Paper b$1.25

(ECA) ECUMENISM, COMMUNISM AND APOSTASY: THE SPIRITUAL STATE OF THE CONTEMPORARY WORLD by Archimandrite Constantine of Holy Trinity Monastery, Jordanville, NY. Reprint of an excellent article from Orthodox Life, July/August 1960 which analyzes the relationships between various factors in the religious world of today and the Russian Orthodox Church. KRON 19pp. Paper f$1.50

(OE) FR. GEORGES FLOROVSKY ON ECUMENISM by Constantine Cavarnos. An overview of the thinking of Fr. Georges Florovsky on ecumenism drawn from his extensive writings. CTOS 15pp. Paper f$3.00

(HDO) HOW DOES ORTHODOXY DIFFER FROM THE WESTERN DENOMINATIONS? by Metropolitan Anthony of Kiev and Galich, translated from the Russian. An excellent treatment of the spiritual and moral differences between east and west caused by the divergent theologies which developed. SNP 9pp. Paper b$.30

(OT) THE OLD TESTAMENT IN THE NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH by Fr. Michael Pomazansky. A summary of the themes of the Old Testament and their place in Orthodox worship and study. HT 40pp. Paper d$3.00

(ECU) THE ORTHODOX CHURCH AND ECUMENICAL MOVEMENT: 1920-1969 by Rev. George P. Macris. A detailed study of the involvement of the Orthodox Church in the Ecumenical Movement with numerous quotations from and references to original source materials, and an extensive bibliography. A unique handbook on the subject of ecumenism from a traditionalist viewpoint. SNP 185 pages. illus. Paper b$12.50

(USA) TO THE ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS OF THE USA by Chrysostomos Stratman. An address to Orthodox Christians by a convert on the wonders and beauty of Orthodoxy. OCE 24pp. Paper e$1.50

(UC) THE UNITY OF THE CHURCH AND THE WORLD CONFERENCE OF CHRISTIAN COMMUNITIES The letter of the New Hieromartyr Archbishop Ilarion to Mr. Robert Gardiner on the nature of the Church. An excellent and timely work, although written over 80 years ago. MP 72pp. Paper e$4.00


(AJ) AFTER JESUS: The Triumph of Christianity A profusely illustrated (in full color) history of the first 7 centuries of Christianity by The Reader's Digest. Wonderful gift for all. Large format. 352pp. Hardcover List price: $30.00 Our price: $24.00e

(EUS) THE HISTORY OF THE CHURCH FROM CHRIST TO CONSTANTINE by Eusebius, translated by G. A. Williamson. The first history of the Church from its foundation to the year 324, which provides valuable primary information on the early Church, its saints and martyrs, as well as the heresies which were found in that period. VIK 429pp. Paper d$9.00

(BED) ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH PEOPLE (OLD TITLE: A HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH CHURCH AND PEOPLE) by the Venerable Bede, translated by Leo Sherley-Price. A vivid account of Saxon England and Celtic Britain from 55 B.C. to 731 A.D., containing the accounts of many of the saints and righteous who so influenced the religious and political development of England. VIK 362pp. Paper d$8.00

(HIS) THE HISTORY OF THE COUNCIL OF FLORENCE by N. Ostroumoff. Introduction to the differences which separated the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church. HTM 312pp. Paper f$6.00

(IU) IMPERIAL UNITY AND CHRISTIAN DIVISIONS: The Church 450-680 by Rev. John Meyendorff. A description of the expansion of Christianity in east and west in the fifth through seventh centuries, from Ireland to the Indian Ocean and Germany to Nubia. A detailed study of the ethnic and theological disparities of the times. SVS 402pp Paper d$17.00

(JT) JESUS AND HIS TIMES The first Reader's Digest book on Christianity (see AFTER JESUS above for second book) presents the historical background to the Biblical account of the life of our Lord Jesus Christ. Vivid descriptions of the area, its economy, the political and social life and various religious and philosophical ideas which formed the background of the years of our Lord's sojourn on earth are joined with numerous illustrations and maps in a very readable large format book. 336pp. Hardcover List price: $31.50 Our price: $25.50e

(MARK) MARK EUGENICUS AND THE COUNCIL OF FLORENCE; A Historical Re-evaluation of His Personality by Constantine Tsirpanlis. An extensive study of St. Mark of Ephesus based primarily on his own writings. Provides much information on the political and ecclesiastical situation in Byzantium in the 14th and 15th centuries. Extensive bibliography and index. KEN 125pp. Comb e$12.00

(PAP) THE PAPACY: Its' Historic Origin and Primitive Relations with the Eastern Church by Abbe Guettee. A devastating conviction of the errors of the Papacy from a theological and historical basis. MINOS/HCOP 383pp. Cloth e$4.00

(REP) THE REPLY OF THE ORTHODOX CHURCH TO ROMAN CATHOLIC OVERTURES ON REUNION by Anthimos, Patriarch of Constantinople. A historical document of great value. Text has been augmented by an Epilogue: two documents from Mt. Athos and "Is the Papacy a Church" by Alexander Kalomiros. SNP 43pp. Paper b$2.00

(RRM) THE RUSSIAN RELIGIOUS MIND: The Middle Ages by George P. Fedotov. A valuable work which give much insight and understanding of the Russian Middle Ages (13th to 15th centuries). Contains studies of St. Sergius of Radonezh, St. Stephen of Perm, St. Nilus Sorski and others. NORD 404pp. Paper $12.50 - SPECIAL PRICE - $8.50


(A&S) ABRAHAM AND SARAH The Old Testament account of the encounter of Abraham and Sarah with our Saviour and two ministering angels in picture book form for young children. Companion volume to DANIEL IN THE LION'S DEN and THE THREE CHILDREN IN THE FIERY FURNACE. KRON 16pp. Paper f$1.50

(ALT) AUKE LAKE TALES The charming adventures of two real children of Tlinket Indian descent in Alaska. Profusely illustrated. SYN 63pp. Paper d$5.50

(BL) THE BAPTISM OF OUR LORD Text and illustrations by Euphemia Briere. The narrative and explanation of the baptism of our Saviour retold with scriptural quotes and wonderful line icons. Ideal for 8-10 year olds to read, or to be read to younger children. Large format. SNP 18pp. Paper b$6.00

(ACB) A CHILD'S BIBLE: The Classic Stories of the Old and New Testament A collection of events from the Old and New Testament told in biblical words. Profusely and brightly illustrated with "Arch Book" type pictures. Large, readable type. A good introduction for young children. PAUL 282pp. Paper d$12.00

(ACBO) A CHILD'S BIBLE-OLD TESTAMENT A colorfully illustrated rendition of the major events of the Old Testament, re-written in easily understood terms for all ages. Especially recommended for children 9 to 12. Small format. PAUL 370pp. Paper d$5.00

(CGC) CHRISTINA GOES TO CHURCH: A Pre-schooler's Introduction to Spiritual Growth by Maria C. Khoury. A wonderful explanation in child's language of how Orthodox Christians pray, make the sign of the Cross, light a candle, etc. Lovely full-color illustrations. Wipe-clean cover. 30pp. Paper c$6.00

A CLOUD OF WITNESSES: Picture Book Lives of Saints for Young Children A series of picture books for very young children based on the lives of saints. Text in verse, brightly illustrated in color with coated pages and covers. SNP

(NIN) Vol. 1: St. Nina, Equal-to-the-Apostles. Large format. 24pp. b$6.00

(ANC) Vol. 2: Sts. Adrian and Natalie of Rome DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED

(NIC) Vol. 3: St. Nicholas of Myra Beloved patron of many, and especially of travelers. Includes a simple Carpatho-Russian song for children (in English, of course). 24pp. b$6.00

(CFC) THE CREATION OF THE WORLD FOR YOUNG PEOPLE A simply written narrative of the creation of the world with illustrations designed to be used as a coloring book. Also contained is the full text from the Septuagint Old Testament. SYN 27pp. Paper d$4.00

(DLD) DANIEL IN THE LION'S DEN The Old Testament story of the Prophet Daniel in picture-book form. Perfect for young children. KRON 36pp. Paper f$3.00

(GWU) GOD IS WITH US by Sophie Kouloumzin. Thirty selected Bible stories written for children, covering major figures and events in the Old and New Testament. Can be used for Sunday School instruction, or read to younger children. Colored iconographic style illustrations. OCA 105pp. Paper d$8.00

(FLD) THE GREAT FLOOD A picture book for children recounting the story of Noah, the ark he built and the flood, using the biblical text. In two colors. KRON 26pp. Paper f$2.50

(HN) THE HOLY NATIVITY OF OUR LORD: The Birth of the Messiah Text and illustrations by Ephemia Briere. Profusely illustrated with iconographic line drawings, this account of the Nativity of the Saviour is a lovely book for children of about 8 to 10 years of age but nice to for reading to younger children. SNP 20pp. Paper b$6.00

(ILT) ILLUSTRATED LIFE OF THE THEOTOKOS by Georgia and Helen Hronas. "Translated from the SYNAXARION, the APOCRYPHA, and Sacred Tradition of the Orthodox Church, and simplified for older children and adults" this book contains full page iconographic style line drawings to accompany the text on various events in the life of the Theotokos. Ideal teaching tool. L&L 65pp. Paper e$6.00

(JK) THE LIFE OF RIGHTEOUS FATHER JOHN, WONDERWORKER OF KRONSTADT For Young People Another in the series of illustrated lives of Russian saints written for children about 8-12 years of age, profusely illustrated with line drawings. Contains a Troparion and Kontakion to the saint with music. GN 30pp. Paper e$3.00

(SERC) THE LIFE OF SAINT SERAPHIM OF SAROV For Young People A charming life of one of the most popular saints, written for children (approx. 8-12 yrs.), with many illustrations. GN 32pp. Paper e$3.00

(SRGC) THE LIFE OF ST. SERGIUS, WONDERWORKER OF RADONEZH For Young People A patron saint for schools and children amongst the Russians because of his learning difficulties as a child, St. Sergius' life is adelight for all. Written for age 8-12 (approx.), with many illustrations. GN 32pp. Paper e$3.00

(COL) ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN ALPHABET COLOURING BOOK by Fr. Moses Armstrong. A coloring book featuring various aspects or Orthodox liturgical and moral life. Pictures are somewhat detailed, therefore more suited for school-age children. SYN 28pp. Paper d$5.00

THE ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN CHURCH THROUGH THE AGES by Sophie Kouloumzin. A history of the Church for teenagers in two volumes. OCA d$6.50 each.

(HT) HEROES FOR TRUTH, VOL. I Covers the preparation of the world for the church through the evangelization of the Slavic peoples in the 9th century. 121pp.

(NF) NEW FRONTIERS, VOL. II From the birth of the Slavic states through this century. 245pp.

(SAB-) SCRIPTURE ACTIVITY BOOKS A series of scripture activity books with verses from the GOOD NEWS BIBLE, games and puzzles which reinforce the scripture lessons and develop thinking, verbal and manual skills. Suitable for children 8 through 12. ABS 48pp. each Paper d$2.50 each; set of 6 for $15.00d

MOSES: Journey to Freedom The story of how God delivered His people from slavery to the Egyptians and their escape through the dividing of the Red Sea.

MOSES: Journey to a New Land The journey of the Israelites to the Land of Canaan.

THE STORY OF DAVID, the King of Israel, and composer of Psalms.

THE STORY OF JOSEPH, the son of Jacob, who was sold into slavery by his brothers and became governor of Egypt.

THE STORY OF NOAH who believed in God and was preserved with his family and the animals in the ark.

THE STORY OF RUTH, who left family and homeland when she married the son of Naomi later became the great-grandmother of King David.

(TCFF) THE THREE CHILDREN IN THE FURNACE The Old Testament story of the three Hebrew youths who would not worship the golden image of King Nebuchadnezzar. A picture-book for young children. KRON 36pp. Paper f$2.50

(TGF) THE TWELVE GREAT FEASTS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE by Rev. L. Puhalo. Explanation of the main feast days of the Orthodox Church, each accompanied by a full page line icon. SYN 34pp. Paper d$5.00

(WMC) THE WORLD MY CHURCH; Learning and Loving My Orthodox Faith by Fr. John and Sophia Chryssavgis. An introduction for very young children to the experience of the Church. Filled with full color illustrations of icons and various aspects of Orthodox life, this beautifully produced book with coated hard covers is an ideal gift. Has pages for inserting baptismal and Name Day information. HCOP 54pp. e$10.00


(FF) THE FESTIVE FAST Greek Meatless Cooking in the Eastern Orthodox Tradition by Marigoula Kokkinou and Georgia S. Kofinas. A superb 375 page cookbook. Contains recipes for Breads, pittas & pizzas, soups, salads, spreads, Hor de'oeuvres, seafood, and various sweets. Numeous quotations from the fathers and a sermon of St. John Chrysostom on fasting. AKR 375pp. Hard cover, spiral, e$23.00

(GP) GREEK PASTRIES by Christina Deliganis. Step-by-step instructions for perfect results in making popular Greek pastries. Color photographs of all pastries. DELGOR Comb $6.00 SPECIAL PRICE: $3.00

(GVC) GREEK VEGETARIAN COOKING by Alkmini Chaitow. This exciting selection of dips, soups, raw and cooked salads, main meals, and desserts makes use of readily available whole food ingredients. Stuffed zucchini flowers, moussaka, and exotic fruit salads are a few of the colorful dishes included with many traditional Greek vegetable recipes. ITI 128pp. Paper d$1100

(LCB2) A LENTEN COOKBOOK FOR ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS Our first Lenten cookbook reprinted and updated with a full alphabetical index. Contains the life of St. Euphrosynos the Cook and scores of Lenten recipes. SNP 260 pp. Paper b$9.00 (New edition, lays flat.)

(FAV) LENTEN FAVORITES FOR ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS Our second Lenten cookbook, revised, reprinted and updated with new recipes for microwave, low calorie, and quick meals, as well as a full alphabetical index. Also reduced in size to match the first cookbook. Paper DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED


(AMS) ALASKAN MISSIONARY SPIRITUALITY edited by Michael Oleksa. The first collection of documents of Russian missionaries to Alaska published in English. Included are correspondence of St. Herman, Archimandrite Ioasaph, Hieromonk Gideon, Bishop Innocent Veniaminov (including his work, INDICATION OF THE WAY INTO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN), various reports from Alaska and some liturgical materials. PAUL 406pp. Cloth d$19.00

(ACR) ANCIENT CHURCHES REVEALED edited by Yoram Tsafrir. Jointly published by the Biblical Archaeology Society and the Israel Exploration Society, this magnificent volume documents the ancient churches of the Holy Land and Sinai - both those still existing and those excavated - in great detail. Numerous color and black and white illustrations, maps and diagrams. A treasure of information. Limited English edition BAS 358pp. Hardcover e$40.00

(AC) ANTI-CHRISTIANITY: THE NEW ATHEISM by Fr. Michael Azkoul. An assessment of and review of atheism, as well as the best Christian response to it from writings of the Old Testament through those of modern times. MP 125pp. Paper e$4.00

(A&A) APOSTASY AND ANTICHRIST Translated from the Russian, this work was written primarily for laymen as a guide to understanding the prophecies concerning the Antichrist and his reign on earth. HT 46pp. Paper d$3.00

(BO) BECOMING ORTHODOX: A Journey to the Ancient Christian Faith by Peter E. Gillchrist. A moving description of the search for the Orthodox Faith by the leader of a group of former Evangelical Protestants who were eventually received by the Antiochian Orthodox Church. An excellent introductory book for non-Orthodox and for Orthodox who wish to increase their understanding of Church History. Comes with the review of Fr. Seraphim Johnson from The True Vine, which adds the dimension of Holy Tradition not found in the book. W&H 189pp. Paper d$10.00

(BPO) BELIEF & PRACTICE IN THE ORTHODOX CHURCH by V. Rev. Eusebius Stephanou. A simply written, concise description of Orthodox faith and practice. Good for high-school students and young adults. LOG 124pp. Paper e$6.50

(BCG) THE BYZANTINE CHURCHES OF GREECE AND CYPRUS by Elias Mastrogiannopoulos. An illustrated guide to 94 Byzantine churches and monasteries, arranged by geographical region, containing a description and historical background of each. HCOP 134pp. Paper d$10.00

(BTA) BYZANTINE THOUGHT AND ART by Constantine Cavarnos. A collection of essays on Byzantine art, music and thought, with frequent comparisons between western and eastern modes of expression. Excellent glossary, index, notes and numerous illustrations. A very valuable work. IBM 139pp. Paper d$7.00

(CFW) THE CHRISTIAN FAITH AND WAR by Metropolitan Anthony Khrapovitsky. Answers drawn from Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition on the subject of war, capital punishment, etc. by a great hierarch and theologian. HT 16pp. Paper d$2.00

(CP) CHRISTIANITY OR THE PAPACY? An Appeal to Roman Catholics by Fr. Alexey Young. A concise explanation of the differences between Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism. KRON 31pp. Paper f$2.00

(CONF) CONFESSION by Metropolitan Antony Khrapovitsky. An excellent series of lectures on the Mystery of Confession, given to theological students, but richly rewarding for all to read. HT 112pp Paper d$5.00

(ND) DIRECTORY OF ORTHODOX PARISHES & INSTITUTIONS IN NORTH AMERICA Over 2500 listings from Orthodox Jurisdictions in North America, both Old and New Calendar. Includes parishes, missions, monasteries, publications, seminaries, organizations, and ads from suppliers of Orthodox goods and services. OPT 158pp + 60pp of ads featuring Orthodox bookstores, iconographers, and publishers. Paper e$9.00

(DOST) DOSTOYEVSKY'S CONCEPT OF SPIRITUAL REBIRTH by Metropolitan Antony Khrapovitsky. A valuable interpretation. SYN 58pp. Paper d$5.00

(EGE) EGERIA: Diary of a Pilgrimage A 4th century diary of a pilgrimage to the Holy Lands with moving descriptions of the Lenten and Holy Week services as celebrated in the Church of the Holy Resurrection. PP 270pp. Cloth d$20.00

(GOL) A GUIDE TO ORTHODOX LIFE: Some Beliefs, Customs and Traditions by Fr. David & Presvytera Cownie. A summary divided into three sections: Orthodox Daily Life, Orthodox Church Life and the Orthodox Cycle of Life. Written from a traditional viewpoint, it is a valuable addition to introductory materials available today. CTO 139pp. Paper f$6.50

(HC) HOLY CONVENT OF THE ANNUNCIATION A history and description of the Convent of the Annunciation on the island of Oinoussai (near Chios) in Greece, and its founders. Written by them in Greek, with an extensive English supplement, it is a beautiful volume containing many photographs of the convent and island, maps, line drawings, and numerous icons (mostly by Fotis Kontoglou and the sisters of the convent) - all in full color. All captions are in both Greek and English. Although only 25 years old, the convent is a picture of the splendor of monasteries in the Byzantine Empire. 143pp. Paper e$12.00

(HOC) THE HOLY ORTHODOX CHURCH, or the Ritual, Services, and Sacraments of the Catholic and Apostolic Church by The Rev. Sebastian Dabovich. A reprint of the concise explanation of the church written around the turn of the century - one of the first in English. A good explanation for non-Orthodox. NEK 77pp. Paper e$5.00

(ICOB) I CONFESS ONE BAPTISM...Protopresbyter George D. Metallinos, D. Th., Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, University of Athens. A most valuable contribution to the probelm of the reception of converts. An expanded version of a talk given at the Patriarchal Institute for Patristic Studies in 1981. A very sound work which gives the traditional Orthodox viewpoint of baptisms outside the Church. English edition by St. Paul Monastery, Mt. Athos. 143pp paper d$11.00

(IS) IMMORTALITY OF THE SOUL by Constantine Cavarnos. The testimony of the Old and New Testaments, Orthodox iconography and hymnography, and writings from the Church fathers and other writers on the immortality of the soul. An important compilation. IBM 96pp. Paper d$6.00

(RDX) INDEX TO THE RUDDER by Ralph Masterjohn. A new index which simplifies locating subjects in THE RUDDER. OCE 48pp. Large format Paper e$10.00

(LG) THE LAW OF GOD (For Study at Home and School) compiled by Archpriest Seraphim Slobodskoy. Translated from the Russian edition, which has been used for 35 years as a basic catechism, this extensive volume covers the history of the Old and New Testaments, the divine services of the Church and Christian faith and life. Profusely illustrated with icons and pictures from the Holy Land and churches, maps and diagrams, it is a most valuable aid to instruction for any age. Sturdy leatherette binding. HT 635pp. e$50.00

(LCON) LETTERS FROM A CONVERT: Missionary Letters from an Orthodox Convert to her Protestant Parents A well written introduction to the Orthodox faith. Revised edition; newer, nicer format. KRON 48pp $4.00

(MARR) MARRIAGE: AN ORTHODOX PERSPECTIVE by John Meyendorff. An excellent work which stresses marriage as a "mystery" in the true Christian context of life on earth - an earthly and eternal bond between husband and wife. SVS 144pp. d$9.00

(MCH) MARRIAGE AND THE CHRISTIAN HOME by Rev. Michael Henning. A sober and valuable study for every Orthodox family. Contains information on fasting, icon corners, holy water, family responsibilities and more. New edition. SNP 44pp. Paper b$2.50

(NAC) Texe Marrs Book of NEW AGE CULTS & RELIGIONS A valuable handbook describing 101 contemporary "New Age" cults and religions found in America. The first part contains an excellent description of what the New Age movement is and identifies a "cult." The second part lists and describe´s the various groups. A very useful tool for clergy. Laymen will find this book an outstanding down-to-earth description of these cults. LT 351pp. Paper e$11.00

(NL) NEW LIBRARY Constantine Cavarnos. Summaries and discussions of thirty books of or about Byzantine and modern writers, Greeks and Russians, in the fields of Philosophy, Literature, and Christian Religion. IBM Vol. 2, 210pp. paper e $8.50

(OF) ON FASTING A collection of articles by Met. Philaret, Fr. Spyridon Schneider, Fr. Michael Henning and Fr. Lev Puhalo on the Church's teachings on fasting. Contains the Lives of the Holy Martyr John the Faster and the Martyrs Antony, John and Eustathy of Lithuania. SYN 47pp. Paper d$4.00

(OLG) ON THE LAW OF GOD by Metropolitan Philaret of New York. Thirty chapters on various moral issues and aspects of Christian life. Written for teenagers, but excellent for all. SYN 86pp. Paper d$5.50

(OUC) ON THE UPBRINGING OF CHILDREN by Bishop Irenaius of Ekaterinburg & Sibirsk. Ten sermons delivered to parents in 1901 to aid and encourage them in the task of raising children to live Godly lives in the midst of the world. Includes prayers for parents and children. XEN 64pp. Paper e$4.00

(OCE) ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN EDUCATION OF CHILDREN IN OUR DAYS by V. Rev. George Grabbe (now Bishop Gregory). An excellent guide for parents. SNP 30pp. Paper a$1.00

OCT) ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN TERMINOLOGY by Constantine Cavarnos. ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN TERMINOLOGY, Dr. Constantine Cavarnos. A discussion of the subject of developing a satisfactory, standarized English language terminology in Eastern Orthodox theology, hagiology, church services, and sacred arts. Includes Greek-English and English-Greek glossaries. A most welcome work. IBM 80pp. Paper d$6.00

(TOC) THE ORTHODOX CHURCH by Timothy (Bishop Kallistos) Ware. A clear, detailed introduction to the Orthodox Church, containing the history, beliefs and worship of the Church. A valuable work, though oriented somewhat towards the ecumenical movement. Penguin 352pp. Paper d$12.50

(OFL ) ORTHODOX FAITH AND LIFE IN CHRIST by Fr. Justin Popovich. Writings of this great father of the church on education, the Church, philosophical trends of our times and ecumenism. Also, contains his masterpiece the "Introduction to the Lives of the Saints.". IBM 248pp. Paper d$17.50

(RC) REPENTANCE AND CONFESSION by Fr. John Chryssavgis. An excellent book containing a short essay on the meaning of repentance and confession and a large selection of excerpts from the Fathers, together with a translation of the sacrament of Confession. HCOP 102pp. Paper d$6.00

(ROM) ROMANIA: Its Hesychast Culture and Tradition by Bp. Serafim Joanta. A history of the monasteries, saints, elders, and spiritual traditions of a country which accepted Christianity in the 3rd century, and is virtually unknown to the west. XEN 300pp. Paper d$10.00

(RUD) THE RUDDER OF THE ORTHODOX CATHOLIC CHURCH; The Compilation of the Holy Canons by St. Nicodemus and the monk Agapius, translated by D. Cummings. From the 85 Canons of the Apostles to the Seventh Ecumenical Council, and the Canons of the Holy Fathers (ending in 11th century), with interpretations and copious notes. To be consulted with care, as some commentaries and notes are not those of the original compilers. Remarks of Apostolos Makrakis are sprinkled throughout the book. For more on Makrakis see St. Nectarios Educational Series #18, available free from St. Nectarios Press. OCE 1184pp. Cloth d$50.00

(SM) SACRED MONARCHY AND THE MODERN SECULAR STATE by Fr. Michael Azkoul. An examination of monarchy and other political systems from an Orthodox point of view. MP 15pp. Paper e$2.00

(SH) SECULAR HUMANISM: An Orthodox Perspective by Father John Bockman. An amplification of one of the talks given at the 1987 Orthodox Conference in Worcester, Massachusetts. A scholarly and well-documented study of a contemporary movement, which has permeated and manipulated American society to eliminate a Christian world-view, under the guise of religious philosophical thought. It contains an extensive bibliography. SNP 84pp Paper a$8.00

(SBD) THE SOUL, THE BODY AND DEATH by Rev. L. Puhalo. An extensive treatise based upon scriptural and patristic sources of the Church's teaching concerning death, the soul after death, judgment, and prayers for the dead. SYN 154pp. Paper d$7.00

(SC) STATIONS OF THE CROSS, THE RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH 1970-1980 by Rev. D. Konstantinow. A valuable study of the Orthodox Church in the Soviet Union following the period of severe persecutions of the 1960's, which sheds much light on conditions through the '80's. ZARIA 250pp. Paper d$10.00

(SYN-) SYNAXIS: Orthodox Christian Theology in the 20th Century by Sts. Kyril and Methody Orthodox Christian Education Society. Collections of excellent articles on theology, church music, iconography, pastoral subjects and much more. 60 to 80 pages each. SYN Paper Vol. 2: d$4.00; Vol. 5: d$3.50

(VH) A VANQUISHED HOPE, The Movement for Church Renewal in Russia 1905-1906 by James W. Cunningham. An excellent background on the role of the Russian Orthodox Church before the Bolshevik Revolution, and its plan for restoring the Church to its ancient state of "symphonia" with the state. Every student of Orthodox Church history should read this enlightening work. SVS 384pp. Paper d$1300

(WJ) THE WITNESSES OF JEHOVAH by Rev. A. Kolesnikoff. An Orthodox explanation of the Witnesses of Jehovah, their sect, teachings, and organization. HT 23pp. Paper d$2.00


(ACL) THE ANTI-CHRIST LIFESTYLE by Fr. George Macris. The excellent talk given at the 1984 Orthodox Conference in Toronto. It contains a very good overview of rock and roll music. NEK 21pp. Paper f$3.00

(RF) THE RIVER OF FIRE by Alexandre Kalomiros. A limited number of reprints of this exceptional talk on the workings of God's dispensation and our redemption from the 1980 Seattle Conference was reprinted for the 1985 Conference. SNP 34pp. Paper b$3.00


(TCL1) NUMBER 1. WHAT IS SECULARISM? by Fr. Michael Azkoul. An excellent exposition on modern philosophical and theological thought. 20pp. Paper b$1.50

(TCL2) NUMBER 2. ICONS: Aids in Spiritual Struggle by Fr. George Turpa. A fine description of the history and theology of Orthodox icons. 23pp. Paper b$2.50

(TCL3) NUMBER 3: The Presbyter as Marriage Counselor & Orthodox Christian Marriage by Fr. Michael Henning. Two excellent talks given in 1978 at Toronto. 60pp Paper b$3.50

(C80P) 1980 ORTHODOX CONFERENCE (SEATTLE) PROCEEDINGS All ten talks presented at the Conference in Seattle in July, 1980 on a variety of subjects of both practical and theological natures. Main speaker: Dr. Alexandre Kalomiros of Greece. SNP 174pp. Comb a$15.00

(C85P) 1985 ORTHODOX CONFERENCE (7TH ANNUAL), SEATTLE PROCEEDINGS: The printed talks handed out at the Conference, with an introduction and speaker biographies added. SNP 186pp. Comb a$10.00

(C90P) 1990 ORTHODOX CONFERENCE (12th Annual) SEATTLE PROCEEDINGS The printed talks handed out at the 1990 Orthodox Conference in Seattle. The theme of the Conference was The Old Testament. Appended to these talks is the one on "Our Old Testament Heritage" presented by Archimandrite Panteleimon at the 1980 Conference. SNP 80pp. Comb a$6.00

STYLE A Traditional Orthodox cross in 14K gold, plain back, available in five sizes: 1/2" (baby), 3/4", 1", 1-1/4" and 1-1/2"; and three finishes: bright gold, bright gold with blue enamel, antique gold, no chain. Sterling silver with blue enamel in 1" and 1-1/4", and gold plated 1" with chains. NOTE: Special order only on 1-1/2," and antique gold (all sizes).

STYLE B Traditional cross in a "cut-out" style - outline and center cross are 14K gold. 1" size only. No chain.

STYLE C: Traditional style, 1" only, with plain back, in sterling silver with stainless steel 18" chain. Also available with gold plating on cross and chain.


These 14K and 18K crosses and medals contain about 20% more gold, and feature deep engraving, patterned backgrounds and backs, and heavy gold rings. No chains.

STYLE F: "St. Andrew Cross" Uniquely designed cross with "x" form cross at the base. 14K, 1-1/4."

STYLE G Traditional style cross in large size, 1-1/4" with fine detail, in 14K, 1-1/4."

STYLE H: Similar to Style G but smaller, same fine detail, 1."

STYLE I: Large, exquisitely detailed, custom-designed cross. Photograph does not do it justice. Slightly larger than 1-1/4", 18K.

STYLE K: "King of Glory" Original design cross with beautiful detail. Small bar on top contains inscription in Greek. Available in 14K and 18K, 1-1/4."

STYLE N: Somewhat "square" style, with exquisite detail. 1-1/8" 14K or 18K.

STYLE P: Beautifully shaped cross with lovely details. Small is 1-3/8"; large is 1-5/8" 14K.

STYLE Q: Byzantine square style, with IC XC NI KA in either red or white gold. 1-1/4" 18K.

STYLE R: Old Russian style, exquisite detail, 1", 14K.

STYLE S: FOS/ZOE (Light/Life) Byzantine style cross made especially for St. Nectarios Press. 1/2" cross with small Byzantine cross on back. Available in 14K gold and sterling silver, without chains.

STYLE T: Same shape as Style R, with wheat design and slightly lighter in weight, 1", 14K.

STYLE D: "Russian" cross in Sterling Silver in 3/4", 1" (with 18" chains), and 1-1/2" (with 24" chain), and 14K gold (no chain).

STYLE E: Rhodium or gold plated 1" Byzantine style; Christ on one side, the Mother of God on the other. With or without chains. ALSO available now in heavy 14K gold and Sterling Silver.

STYLE J: "Justinian's Cross" in sterling silver. Heavy silver cross, 2" in length, no chain.

STYLE M: Russian style "baby" cross in 10K gold, 7/16" with 18" gold filled chain.

STYLE U: Beautiful Russian style with satin background, 1-1/4", 18K.

STYLE V: Celtic style cross with double-headed eagle in center of circle, deep engraving, and eight tiny simulated emeralds in the corners, 1-3/8", 14K.

STYLE W: Square type cross with scrolls at ends, 1-1/4", 18k. NEW DESIGN

STYLE X: Tapered cross with IC XC NI KA in circles on arms, 1-3/8", 18k. NEW DESIGN

MEDAL 1: Finely detailed medal of Christ the Lightgiver. Back has cross inscribed on it. 1-3/8," 14K.

MEDAL 2: Matching medal of the Mother of God, also with cross inscribed on back. 1-3/8," 14K.

MEDAL 3: Beautiful round medal of St. Nectarios of Pentapolis, with double-headed eagle on reverse. 1-1/8," 18K.

MEDAL 4: Holy Napkin (Mandelion). Wonderful detail. Has Byzantine double-headed eagle on back. Large 1" square, 14K.

MEDAL 5: Mother of God of Kazan. Sterling silver, 7/8" round with 18" chain.

STERLING SILVER LOCKETS Oval lockets with icons of the Saviour and Mother of God inside. Floral engraving decorates the outside. 1-3/8" long. No chain. $25.00

CHAINS Heavy, endless stainless steel chains, 24" long. Recommended for use by active children since they will not break. $3.00

MARTYRICA Traditionally in the Greek Orthodox Church, small Martyrica (witness pins) are given out at baptisms to those attending. Ours are a replica of a Byzantine coin with Sts. Constantine and Helen and the Holy Cross. Available in gold with white, pink or blue ribbons. $4.00/dozen Specify variation.


Bible Tapes

(BIBT) BIBLE: The New Testament on Cassette Tapes, King James Version. Read by Alexander Scourby, the entire New Testament is on 12 cassettes in a plastic binder. A wonderful way to become familiar with the Scriptures. WBC Reg. Price $30.00/set Our price: $25.00/set

(OTT) BIBLE: THE OLD TESTAMENT ON CASSETTE TAPE Companion set to the New Testament, the King James Version Old Testament read by Alexander Scourby. 36 Cassette Tapes in three plastic binders. WBS List price $75.00 Our Price $60.00

NOTE: Order Old and New Testament together for $80.

Conference Tapes

(C80T) 1980 ORTHODOX CONFERENCE (SEATTLE) The complete record of the full Conference in Seattle in July, 1980, including Open Forums and question and answer sessions following the 10 talks. 16 cassettes with program. HTM f$70.00/set

(C85T) 1985 ORTHODOX CONFERENCE (7TH ANNUAL), SEATTLE: 16 cassette tapes of the full Conference, including question and answer sessions and Open Forums. HTM f$70.00/set

(C87T) 1987 ORTHODOX CONFERENCE Complete set of talks and Open Forum from the Ninth Annual Orthodox in Worcester, Massachusetts. Conference theme was "The Baptism of the Spirit and the Trial by Fire" and the talks reflected it with such subjects as martyrdom, confession of the Faith, the Church in the last times and secular humanism. HTM 11 cassettes, f$50/set.

(C88T) 1988 ORTHODOX CONFERENCE Complete set of talks and Open Forum from the Tenth Annual Orthodox Conference in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Conference theme was "The Church and the Holy Spirit." Talks included "The Vessel of the Holy Spirit, Elder Joseph of Mt. Athos and Archbishop Andrew of Novo Diveyevo," "Baptism by Immersion," "The Filioque..." "The Mystery of Confession," and the subjects of the Kollyvades Fathers, Prayer, and Divine Services. HTM 14 cassettes f$60/set

(C89T) 1989 ORTHODOX CONFERENCE (11the Annual) TORONTO The complete set of talks on the theme, "The Mind of Christ." Contains the excellent talk of Fr. Seraphim Johnson on "The People of God" - a historical overview of the Church from the creation. NEK 8 cassettes f$30/set

C90T) 1990 ORTHODOX CONFERENCE (12th Annual) SEATTLE The complete set of talks and Open Forums from the 12th Annual Orthodox Conference in Seattle, Washington in July, 1990. The theme of the Conference, The Old Testament, provided some very interesting talks, and the practical questions raised in the Open Forums (especially the final one) elicited some spirited discussion. HTM 11 cassettes in binder f$50.00/set.

NOTE: All Conference tapes in plastic binders in sets only. For individual talks and cassettes, contact Holy Transfiguration Monastery (address on back inside cover.)


Held at St. Anna's Church, Roslindale, MA.


(MC1T) Talks by Bishop Ephraim "On the Holy Canons" and "Heresy and Grace", as well as a talk by Rev. Dr. Christos Coinstantinou on "Discrimination according to the Lord: Male and Female Created He them." Each talk is followed by a question session. Unboxed set of 4 tapes: $20.00


(MC2T) Talks by Bishop Macarios of Toronto on "Orthodox Ecclesiology;" Rev. Michael Azkoul "On Free Will", and Bishop Ephraim on "The History of the Holy True Orthodox Church of Greece". Each talk is followed by a question session. Unboxed set of 3 tapes: $15.00


Cassette tapes of excellent lectures given at St. Nektarios Church in Toronto. Tapes are $5.00f each. NEK

(T1) ST. MARK OF EPHESUS, by Fr. George Turpa, 1987

(T2) THE BRITISH SAINTS by Fr. David Belden, 1987

(T3) FOOLS IN CHRIST by Fr. Peter Carras, 1987


(T5) THE LIFE AND TIMES OF ST. DUNSTAN by Fr. David Belden, 1988

(T6) ST. JOHN OF THE LADDER by Bishop Ephraim, 1989

(T7) ON THE PRIESTHOOD by Fr. George Turpa, 1989

(T8) ON ST. GREGORY PALAMAS by Fr. George Turpa, 1990

(T9) ON ST. JOHN CHRYSOSTOM by Bishop Makarios, 1991

(T10) THE ROAD TO EMMAUS by Fr. Peter Carras, 1992


(TM1) SELECTED BYZANTINE HYMNS, TAPES Cassette tapes (set of 4 in binder) of the printed volume (p. 15), chanted with "ison" or tonic note by the monks of Holy Transfiguration Monastery. Excellent for learning Byzantine chanting. HTM f$30/set

(TM2) THE DIVINE LITURGY OF ST. JOHN CHRYSOSTOM The complete responses in English chanted by the nuns of Holy Nativity Convent. 2 cassettes f$15.00/set.

(TM3) SELECTED HYMNS FROM THE DIVINE LITURGY OF ST. JOHN CHRYSOSTOM Chanted in English by the nuns of Holy Nativity Convent. f$8.50

(TM4) ANTHOLOGY OF BYZANTINE HYMNS chanted by Holy Transfiguration Monastery (Greek). f$8.50

(TM5) OUT OF THE LAND OF RUSSIA: American Folk Music by Katina. In the tradition of Slavic and Greek religious folk music, this is the first "American" collection in English, with acoustic guitar. Based on biblical themes or lives of saints, this cassette has 9 ballads (8 original compositions and one translated from Carpatho-Russian), such as Who is our Lord?, Blessed Xenia, St. Nicholas of Myra, David's Song of Deliverance. Beautiful and compunctionate!! KAT d$9.00

(TM6) THE WINDS AND THE SEA by Katina. A second cassette tape of Orthodox Christian folk music based on the scriptures and lives of saints. Also contains the English translation of a Greek folk song, The Sparrow. Acoustic guitar. KAT d$10.00

(TM7) THE GOOD SHEPHERD by Katina. The third cassette tape of Orthodox Christian folk music. Dedicated to the memory of St. John, Archbishop of San Francisco, it contains a song about him, as well as on the Guardian Angel, St. Gerasimos and the lion, two poems from The Wheat of Christ, and more. KAT d$10.00


(OCW) THE ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN WITNESS Biweekly bulletin of St. Nectarios American Orthodox Church. Contains interesting and timely articles about Orthodoxy. Suggested annual offering of $10.00 per year in U.S. and $15.00 per year for foreign recipients.

(TV-) THE TRUE VINE, Official publication of the Holy Orthodox Church in North America. Published quarterly in Boston, this journal contains translations of important Orthodox texts, other writings of serious Orthodox theological nature and articles on parishes and clergymen and will relate experiences of Orthodox Christians of our own times. Approximately 70 pages per issue. $4.50 per issue; $17.00 per year (U.S.third class mail), $23.00 per year U.S. first class mail or Canada. Overseas subscriptions are $25.00 surface mail and $33.00 airmail. Discounts available for multi-year subscription

(CAL) ORTHODOX WALL CALENDAR Church dates according to the Julian reckoning. Color coded for fasts and feasts. Includes a handy separate booklet with the list of daily readings of the Epistles and Gospels (and Old Testament for Great Lent). Available in December and January of each year. SNP Spiral bound $6.00

(CI) CAR ICONS Icons enclosed in acrylic frames with adhesive pads on the back, 1-1/2 x 2-1/8 in. Great for today's non-metal dashboards! Indicate 2 selections please or be surprised: a. Saviour, b. Mother of God, c. Archangel Michael, d. St. Nicholas, e. Guardian Angel. HNC $3.00

(XS-) CROSS STITCH BOOKMARK KITS Kits for making cross stitch embroidered bookmarks with Orthodox designs. Complete instructions for beginners. Each kit contains several Orthodox designs, bookmark material, embroidery floss and needle. Kit #1 single color, $2.50; Kit #2 two colors, $3.00

(CEN) BRASS CENSER Imported from Greece, these censers are sturdy brass, highly polished approx. 7-1/2" high. e$16.50

(LAM-) HANGING VIGIL LAMPS Imported from Greece, gold plated, with a small colored or red-rimmed glass. Approximately 18" long, the chain has a "cross-in-circle" design between the links for the entire length. Three styles available (see illustration):


(LAM2) VIGIL LAMP STYLE 2, STANDING STYLE, Special price: $28.00 each; HANGING STYLE: f$35.00

(LAM3) VIGIL LAMP STYLE 3 f$20.00 each

(LAM4) VIGIL LAMP STYLE 4 f$30.00 each

(PR) PRAYER ROPES Wool prayer ropes, 50-knot f$10.00; 100-knot f$15.00.


(BBCD) From pen and ink drawings by Basil Booth, three selections of cards, approx. 4 x 6 in. are available: a. Greek churches; b. Russian churches; and c. monastic scenes; d. Holy Land Scenes. Indicate choice(s). e$7.00/pkg. of 10.

(HNCD) Holy Nativity Convent cards, selections include: a. holy land scenes; b. icons of the Theotokos; c. Nativity cards (icons); d. Nativity cards (Bethlehem scenes); e. Pascha card (mounted icon). Indicate choice(s). f$5.00/pkg. of 10.

(CERT) GIFT CERTIFICATE Can't decide on a gift for someone? We now offer attractive gift certificates which may be used for any items in our catalog or store. Available in any amount and may be mailed to you or directly to the recipient with a catalog.

(ICON) ICON PRINTS A set of the four main icons from St. Nectarios Church iconostasis (Seattle). The 5 x 7 inch custom prints are of the Saviour (The Light Giver), the Mother of God (Quick to Hear), St. John the Baptist and St. Nectarios. $15.00/set POSTPAID


Two beautiful icons which may be used indoors or out: Rublov's Hospitality of Abraham, and the "Sweet-Kissing" Mother of God. May be placed outdoors safely down to about 30 degrees (lower of protected). Terra cotta is washed with white acrylic to highlight details of icons. Metal hanger is part of casting.

(IC1) Hospitality of Abraham, 12-1/2" high, e$40.00

(IC2) Mother of God, 9-1/4" high, e$35.00

Cover illustration by Basil Booth

POSTAGE AND HANDLING additional on all orders, unless otherwise indicated.

All prices subject to change without notice. See Order Form for current prices and availability.


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