St. John of Kronstadt Press carries a lot of good stuff from
   		several publishers

Name             : St John of Kronstadt Press
Address:         : Rt 1 Box 205 Liberty TN 37095
Tel              : 615 536-5239
Contact          : Fr Gregory Williams
Description      : Publishes Living Orthodoxy Periodical, various other books
                                 : Calendar, typicon, pocket calendar, (Synod) 
 					clergy guide

	The Christian Activist has a tape ministry (they'll lend them, or sell
		at $4 apiece)

Name             : St. Herman of Alaska Bookstore
Contact          : Matt Kaskanlian
Description      : Also altar wine
Address          : 1315 7th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94122
Tel              : (415) 664-8161 [DAYS]

turns out a series of about 12 tapes that I found very good  at $5 apiece
(some stuff by Fr. Seraphim Rose, a set of two tapes by a missionary to
Uganda, a nice two tape set on confession, the Beatitudes, Marriage)

There's a group St. Nicodemus Hagiorite Publication Society
that turns out conservative Orthodox tapes from a theologian in 
the Greek state church named Fr. Athanasios Mitilianaios from Larissa
Greece (and some from Father Ephraim of M. Philotheou on the Holy
Mountain) for $1.25.  My priest likes the theologian.   A friend of mine 
has mixed feelings on him, considering him too conservative (of course,
I'm not sure whether to take that as a plus or a minus :)).  
I just heard three of them and will probably
listen to them all eventually.  We acquired all 45 or so tapes for our 
parish library (a variety of practical topics, plus two extensive sets of 
teaching tapes on the Epistle of James and the book of Tobit).  According to 
the tape, they are working with the blessing of Bp. Maximos.  They have 
several priests, not all of whose names sounded Greek---one I think had a 
Slavic name, for guidance.

St. Nicodemus Hagiorite Publication Society
Trans. Constatine Zalalas
6149 Fairway Lane
Wescosville, PA 18106

Orthodox Christian Education Commision
PO Box 69
Colvin Station
Syracuse, NY 13205

has tape albums on church history/ an overview of the church by Fr. Thomas 
Hopko/ one on contemporary moral issues.  Maybe more stuff.

Orthodox Voices has nice stuff on it.

Name             : St Nectarios Press (SNP)
Address          : 10300 Ashworth Avenue North Seattle, Washington 98133-9410
Tel              :
Fax              :
Description      : Large stock of quality books

also carries a variety of tapes including some nice ones on the lives of
saints.  However, I would only recommend they be listened to by those with
a strong stomach.  Lots of edifying material, but intersperced---particularly
in the Q&A sections with lots of unedifying church politics.  We have a # in
our church library, but I bleeped out offending passages first.

8)  [Someone on the moderated Orthodox list suggested these]
The "New Life Series" would be of interest in such a case.  It includes 
-at least- a series of tapes by Fr Thomas Hopko on each of these themes:
-Prayer - 20 tapes
-The mother of God - 2 tapes
-The Creed - 8 tapes

9) [Someone on the moderated Orthodox list suggested these]
Tapes on other themes by Fr Hopko are available from St Vladimir Seminary 
Press.  Those I've heard were:
-Women and Sanctity- 1 tape
-Ordination of Women- 1 tape
-A Theology of Gender- 1 tape
-The Word of the Cross - 2 tapes

10) Orthodox Christian Recorded Books produces tapes on a variety of topics,
    including the Life of St. Mary of Egypt by St. Sophronius, the Dormition
    of the Theotokos (I think it was---some Feast of the Theotokos in any
    case), St. Seraphim of Sarov's conversation with Molotov, St. Innocent
    of Alaska's Indication of Way into the Kingdom of God, and others.
    They can be acquired directly from the publisher or from St. John of
    Kronstadt Press.  I've found the material read to be superb, but the
    reading style to be somewhat monotonous for some of the tapes.  The
    reading was clear, however.

11) St. John of Kronstadt Press also has tapes from a number of other publishers
    including a 2 tape set on the raising of children by a pre-Revolution 
    Russian bishop that is quite good and a three tape set on the teachings
    of the Fathers on the Passions, on the Body, and on Sickness (I think that
    was the three).

1) [Someone else's comments sent to me]
    The Holy Transfiguration
    Monastery in Boston (or Brookline) also has tapes of chant in English
    chanted by the nuns of the Holy Nativity convent. Theses are very
    nice and very simply sung and are a good introduction to Byzantine
    chant for Americans. I don't have the address of Holy Transfiguration
    right nearby, but it should be easy to find. I'll post it later.
        Holy Transfiguration Monastery
        278 Warren Street
        Brookline, MA 02146

2) A California monastary of Bp. Chrysosthomos' jurisdiction imports nice
   stuff from their home monastary in Greece.  We have four of these tapes
   in our church library.

3)  [Someone sent me this] 
    Tambu, the aforementioned Hellenic College bookstore is a good source
    of tapes of Byzantine Chant. There is a compact disk on Opus 111, a
    division of Harmonia Mundi, that is simply titled The Divine Liturgy
    of St. John Chrysotom by The Greek Byzantine Choir directed by 
    Lycourgos Angelopoulos, disk number OPS 30-78. You could probably
    order this at any good record store. 
4) CONCILIAR PRESS/ P.O. Box 76/ Ben Lomond CA 95005-0076
    phone or fax your credit card order to: 
    (408) 336-5118 or (800) 967-7377 / FAX (408) 336-8882
    carries a number of tapes and CDs including one that has music of
    the monastary of Valaam, purchase of which helps the restoration of
    the monastary.

Any corrections or additions would be appreciated.  This will eventually
become a FAQ off the Orthodox page.  A slightly older version is in
Michael Vezie's hands at present.


1) There are lots of sources, however, one of the most complete I have found is
        It's a Classic
        5539 East 41st Street
        Tulsa, OK 74135-6008

   The owner is Reader Andrew (David) Honerkamp.  He's a bit slow in getting 
   the stuff to you if he has to special order it, but he keeps a relatively 
   large stock of Orthodox (or should I say Eastern---the best Arabic stuff 
   is done by a Melkite nun, some of the Russian stuff comes from a Uniate 
   monastary in Belgium), Gregorian, and even a little Ethiopian chant.  He 
   has found me stuff that doesn't show up on the classical CD on-line sources.

   [Deacon Mark Gilstrap added the following]
   The employees are knowledgeable, but you might want to talk to Drew directly 
   if you are after something specific.  His inventory of orthodox books is 
   also growing.  If you're calling anyway you might ask if he has what you 
   are looking for.  Someone was asking about the Rudder. I saw a new printing 
   of the Rudder just a couple of weeks ago in his store.

2) St. Vladamir's Bookstore carries an extensive collection and their 
   catalog gives a nice description.

3) St. Tikhon's Bookstore carries some nice tapes and CDs (both instructional
   and music for tapes), but not as extensive as the previous two sources.

4) [From Harry G. Coin]
   Orthros of Pascha and Liturgy on CD

   The Orthros of Pascha and the following liturgy are available on a CD 
   by "Eikona", three sisters with beautiful voices, and a solo priest.  Try 
   Holy Cross Bookstore in Boston (617) 731-3500.  It is almost entirely 
   in English, with a little of four or so other languages. About $14.

Under the mercy,

Reader Daniel