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Hand-crafted Goods Price List

    Burial Shrouds and Headbands (with English Text!)
    Screen printed, black on white cotton, with finished (serged) edges, the shrouds are approximately 25" x 62" in size. The design consists of an Orthodox (three-bar) Cross including IC XC with a spear and sponge, and with the following text printed in the border: MEMORY ETERNAL; CHRIST IS RISEN; FOR AS IN ADAM ALL DIE, EVEN SO IN CHRIST SHALL ALL BE MADE ALIVE; WITH THE SAINTS, GIVE REST, O CHRIST, TO THE SOUL OF THY SERVANT. The headbands are white with black lettering which consists of the Trisagion prayer, HOLY GOD, HOLY MIGHTY, HOLY IMMORTAL, HAVE MERCY ON US and a depiction of the Crucifixion $25.00 per set.*

    Communion Cloths
    Made from 100% (red) cotton fabric, these communion cloths are double in thickness and have finished edges with an attractive embroidered border. They are approximately 20" x 25" in size. $12.50 each*

    Commemoration Booklets
    These booklets are published by our monastery for use by the faithful in their commemoration of the living and departed during private devotions, as well as in the context of the Divine Liturgy at their parishes. It is customary to submit names of the living and departed with a prosphoron (or two) during the time of the Proskomedie (preparation of the bread and wine, which the priest does before Liturgy begins); these little booklets make it more convenient than writing out names on a slip of paper each time. $3.00 each*

    Prayer Ropes
    A traditional accompaniment to the Jesus Prayer, these prayer ropes are black and hand-made by our monks from a nylon / rayon cord, with a cross and tassel at the end. They are available in 33, 50, and 100 knot sizes.
    33 Knot - $15.00 (without tassel)*
    50 Knot - $18.00*
    100 Knot - $23.00*

    Beeswax Candles (Tapers)**
    Candle making has always been a traditional labor for monastics to engage in. We have been blessed to be able to provide the faithful and their parishes with 100% pure beeswax tapers. Paraffin candles, though used extensively in our parishes, are not only smoky and soot producing, but are a petroleum product (they also burn a lot faster than beeswax). Our Orthodox Christian tradition prescribes the use of natural beeswax candles, which are virtually smoke and soot-free, and will burn for at least 2 hours. Their sweet honey scent is an added delight. The use of beeswax as opposed to a petroleum product (paraffin) is in the best of our ecological interests as well.

    Tapers: $7.00 per pound for the following sizes:
    5/16" x 11 1/2" * 3/8" x 11 1/2" * 1/2" x 11 1/2"
    Large Tapers: $1.50 each for the following sizes:
    3/4"x 11 1/2"---1"x 11 1/2"
    Bishops' Tapers: (For Trikiria and Dikiria) A set of five, measuring 1/2" x 20" is available for $15.00. N. B. Custom sizes are available; prices quoted on demand.

    I confess one baptism...
    by Protopresbyter George D. Metallinos, Ph.D., D. Th. Parish Priest and Adjunct Professor, University of Athens

    Published by: Saint Paul's Monastery, Holy Mountain Athos, Greece copyright 1994 Translated by the Priest-monk Seraphim

    An Interpretation and Application of Canon VII of the Second Ecumenical Council by the Kollyvades and Constantine Oikonomos

    I Confess One Baptism is a translation and edited version,with additional material of the book in Greek by the same title, O Omologo en Vaptisma, which was published in Athens in 1983.

    In I Confess One Baptism, the Protopresbyter George Metallinos introduces the reader to the Orthodox mind of the Kollyvades and Constantine Oikonomos, important Greek Orthodox churchmen and scholars of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. He analyzes Canon VII (which regulates the manner of receiving converts) of the Second Ecumenical Council, convened in Constantinope in 381, on the basis of the writings of the Kollyvades and Constantine Oikonomos, heretofore little known in the English-speaking world.

    Reception of all converts by baptism in the Church is established as the historically normative practice, with Chrismation only, as a rare and judicious phenomenon of economia. The Principles of acrivia and economia are defined, their scope delineated, and their application, both past and current, explained. $10.95 plus $2.00 shipping and handling.

*There is a 7% shipping and handling charge. ** Shipping for candles varies and will be included in the invoice.