Icons of various saints

[image] HAnnaN.gif
Icon of Holy Anna of Novgorod. Sited in Holy Annas chapel, Eskilstuna,Sweden. (395x532, 176k)

[image] johnmax.gif
St. John Maximovich of Shanghai and San Francisco (456 x 708, 232k)

[image] mosesblk.gif
Scan of an icon of St. Moses the Black in the Monastery Church of Christ of the Hills Monastery, New Sarov, Texas (736 x 967, 176k)

[image] nicholas.gif
St. Nicholas (black and white, 622 x 900 33k)

[image] royalfam.gif
Scan of an icon of the Romanov Royal Family martyred by the Bolsheviks. (901 x 1603, 1352k)

[image] serphsrv.gif
Scan of an icon of St. Seraphim of Sarov, (483 x 725, 200k)

[image] sserafim.gif
Icon of St. Serafim of Sarov. Don't know any details. (648x744, 192k)

[image] stseraph.gif
Scan of a beautiful icon print of St. Seraphim of Sarov. Brought to the US from Moscow in 1994 as a gift to an American parish of the Russian Church (1080 x 1240, 1480k)

[image] Ioannis.gif
The head of Saint John the Baptist. 19th century icon. (660x763, 447k)

[image] elias.gif
The Holy prophet Elias. 14th century icon, Novgorod. Now in the Tretjakov-gallery, Moscow. (592x776, 399k)

[image] mary.egypt.gif
Holy Mary of Egypt. 18th century icon, Kuopio Orthodox Church Museum. (663x783, 484k)

[image] nikolaos.gif
Holy Nicholas, the miracle worker from Myra. Early 17th century icon, now in Norway. (662x772, 515k)

[image] savvatij.gif
The Holy Savvatij of Tver. 16th century icon. (629x772, 438k)

[image] stolbenskij.gif
Holy Nil Stolbenskij. 19th century icon, now in Moscos spiritual academy. (575x760, 384k)

[image] Baptistis.gif
Icon of St. John the Baptist, made in Greece 1993. (406x503, 185k)

[image] nikola.gif
Sv.Nikola (St.Nicolas), Serbian monastery Hilandar, Mt.Athos (424x562 136k)

[image] sava.gif
Sv. Sava, prvi Arhiepiskop Srpski, (St.Savva, the first Serbian Archbishop), Serbian monastery Hilandar, Mt.Athos (437x562 136k)

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