All the color icons (no clip art)

[image] Christus_Pantocrator.gif
The Lord Pantocrator icon. ( 600 x 768 ) 328 kb.

[image] Vladimirskaya_Theotocos.gif
Mother of God icon "Vladimirskaya". 12th century icon, Uspensky Cathedral, Moscow Cremlin. (600 x 887), 384 kb.

[image] threehands.gif
Icon Trojerucica (pron. Troyeruchitza) or Our Lady with three hands

This is the most famous icon in the Serbian Monastery Hilandar, Mt.Athos, Greece and there are about 30 wonderful icons in Hilandar.

Rich history of this icon is connected with St. John Damascus, famous religious poet and Orthodox Arab, who lived in 8th century. He served in the castle of Siria's calif and he was accused as an enemy of state and his right hand was cut off as a sentence. He was a man of great faith and with love for Mother of God. He asked calif for his hand and prayed in front of this icon for healing and he was healed ! He made a silver right hand and put it on the icon as a symbol of his miraculous healing. He also gave the icon its name.

A Legend says that this icon was made by Apostle Luka, and, since he knew the Mother of God personally, it shows how She really looked like.

Size: 762x944, GIF file 343K.

[image] HAnnaN.gif
Icon of Holy Anna of Novgorod. Sited in Holy Annas chapel, Eskilstuna,Sweden. (395x532, 176k)

[image] Sign.gif
The Mother of God icon Zna'menie ("The Sign"). 18th century icon from the Orthodox Churchmuseum in Kuopio. The original icon is from the middle age and resides in the Sofia Cathedral in Novgorod. (615x726, 424k)

[image] crossgos.gif
Gospel and cross (black and white, 242 x 246, 34k)

[image] johnmax.gif
St. John Maximovich of Shanghai and San Francisco (456 x 708, 232k)

[image] jvilchch.gif
Scan of a print of the interior of the Russian Orthodox Monastry Church of the Holy Trinity, Jordanville, NY (900 x 679, 440k)

[image] kursk.gif
The Kursk Icon of the Mother of God (425 x 500, 120k)

[image] mosesblk.gif
Scan of an icon of St. Moses the Black in the Monastery Church of Christ of the Hills Monastery, New Sarov, Texas (736 x 967, 176k)

[image] nicholas.gif
St. Nicholas (black and white, 622 x 900 33k)

[image] oldcross.gif
Scan of an Orthodox Cross of the Old Believers era in Russia (311 x 550, 77k)

[image] pantokrator.gif
Christus Pantokrator, Novgorod, late 15th century. (418x580, 232k)

[image] royalfam.gif
Scan of an icon of the Romanov Royal Family martyred by the Bolsheviks. (901 x 1603, 1352k)

[image] serphsrv.gif
Scan of an icon of St. Seraphim of Sarov, (483 x 725, 200k)

[image] sserafim.gif
Icon of St. Serafim of Sarov. Don't know any details. (648x744, 192k)

[image] stseraph.gif
Scan of a beautiful icon print of St. Seraphim of Sarov. Brought to the US from Moscow in 1994 as a gift to an American parish of the Russian Church (1080 x 1240, 1480k)

[image] theotokos_athos.gif
Mother of God enthroned. Athos, 16th century. (418x580, 272k)

[image] wetbeard.gif
"Our Saviour with the wet beard" Novgorod icon, 15-16th century. Now in the cathedral of Trondheim, Norway. (566x780, 424k)

[image] Ioannis.gif
The head of Saint John the Baptist. 19th century icon. (660x763, 447k)

[image] elias.gif
The Holy prophet Elias. 14th century icon, Novgorod. Now in the Tretjakov-gallery, Moscow. (592x776, 399k)

[image] mary.egypt.gif
Holy Mary of Egypt. 18th century icon, Kuopio Orthodox Church Museum. (663x783, 484k)

[image] nikolaos.gif
Holy Nicholas, the miracle worker from Myra. Early 17th century icon, now in Norway. (662x772, 515k)

[image] savvatij.gif
The Holy Savvatij of Tver. 16th century icon. (629x772, 438k)

[image] stolbenskij.gif
Holy Nil Stolbenskij. 19th century icon, now in Moscos spiritual academy. (575x760, 384k)

[image] theotokos3.gif
Mother of God icon "The uninflammable bush", 18th century icon now in Orthodox church museum in Kuopio. (653x763, 430k)

[image] theotokos4.gif
Mother of God icon "the Joy for all grieving". 19th century icon, St. Petersburg. (575x723, 366k)

[image] unexpected_joy.gif
Mother of God icon "The Unexpected Joy". No details known to me. (604x778, 419k)

[image] pantokrator2.gif
Christ, our Lord. 16th century icon, monastery of St. Catherine, Sinai. (416x587, 198k)

[image] Baptistis.gif
Icon of St. John the Baptist, made in Greece 1993. (406x503, 185k)

[image] pantokrator3.gif
Christ our Lord; icon made in Greece 1990. (343x497, 173k)

[image] theotokos5.gif
Mother of God icon. Greece, 1993. (449x590, 187k)

[image] bogorod.gif
Virgin and Child, Serbian monastery Hilandar, Mt.Athos, 13th century (422x562 136k)

[image] icxc.gif
Christ - Pantocrator, 'Ruler of all', Serbian monastery Hilandar, Mt.Athos, 13th century (413x562 136k)

[image] nikola.gif
Sv.Nikola (St.Nicolas), Serbian monastery Hilandar, Mt.Athos (424x562 136k)

[image] sava.gif
Sv. Sava, prvi Arhiepiskop Srpski, (St.Savva, the first Serbian Archbishop), Serbian monastery Hilandar, Mt.Athos (437x562 136k)

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